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  1. It is so frustrating that we have a real world example of a pro stadium lowering concession prices while increasing revenue, and yet no other stadium or arena will follow suite. Atlanta built a state of the art $1.6 billion stadium for NFL and MLS and lowered concession prices across the board. $2 hot dogs, $5 burgers, $7-8 craft beer, and they saw revenues spike. I'll happily spend $15-20 on 2 or 3 beers. I won't spend a dime if that is the price of 1 beer. At one of the Soccer Stadium focus groups I told the representatives to look into Atlanta's success in raising revenues. I really hope they take it seriously, otherwise people will pregame concerts like they do at VanAndel and 20 Monroe.
  2. The bummer is that I really liked their food before. The Ramen and Bao Buns were awesome and pretty different than anything else on Bridge Street. I think awareness is a big issue. A lot of people I talked to didn't seem to know they were there.
  3. Maybe with the Stadium in the works, they want to stick it out. Or they couldn't get anyone to sublease from them and figured it would be better to make some money instead of just paying rent on an empty space. It was always one of my favorite spots on Bridge Street, I hope it can stay open.
  4. Probably a combination of factors. Between NFL and NCAA, most people already have a football team they follow. Even if it is a closer/cheaper alternative to an NFL or NCAA game, it can be hard to sustain interest in a brand new league with brand new teams without any history or fan base. Also, most new sports leagues will burn cash for the first 5-10 years, I don't think a lot of investors realize what they are getting into. I was listening to an interview with Lonie Glieberman, who owns Mount Bohemia ski resort in the UP. Before skiing, he worked with the CFL back when they were expanding into the US. He said they were on the path to success, but investors got cold feet and pulled out. He gave MLS as a great example, it struggled a lot the first decade, now has expanded to 30 teams with franchises selling for $500 million (they were like 25 million less than 15 years ago).
  5. Miami developer planning a $1 Billion redevelopment of the mall in Sterling Heights. I know this is far beyond the scope/scale of what would be needed in Grandville, but it is cool to think what could be done with Rivertown if some real money came in to redevelop it.
  6. JBAN and SWAN are considering a parking permit plan for their neighborhoods because they are concerned about game day traffic. The idea was brought up at the planning commission meeting after the developers told the neighborhood reps that they could not enforce parking as they are not the police or department of transportation. Some people (at least on reddit) are losing their mind over this, blaming the stadium developers and the city, even though it is the neighborhood association who is behind the whole plan. I would think if you are truly afraid of losing your on street parking, under $3 a month is a deal to have an almost guaranteed spot. Plus you could make that money back reselling day passes to stadium goers.
  7. I cannot wait to walk down to Bridge Street on a nice spring day, bar hop, and then cap off the evening with a soccer match.
  8. I believe it was called Death House or something like that. Never went myself but had friends who went to shows there.
  9. It definitely read like an ad, but I didn't see anything indicating it as such.
  10. Forbes released an article called 5 Ways A Growing City Can Define Their Brand. Grand Rapids was used as the example for all 5 items.
  11. The former owner of GRFC was working for the Jacksonville USL club a few years back when they decided to move to MLS Next Pro. Rumor was that one of the Devos's was at a MLSNP conference gathering information around the same time.
  12. MLS isn't happy with their current agreement with USL to host their farm teams. They created MLS Next Pro as a 3rd tier league for farm teams, however they've made it no secret that they want to expand and have a 2nd tier MLS Next Pro league. They've already lured some USL teams over. They are not looking at Grand Rapids for an MLS team, they are looking at us for an MLS Next Pro team.
  13. An Omakase style Sushi spot would be awesome. Even a Japanese (non-sushi) tasting menu place would be awesome.
  14. Considering the money they have backing this place, if there was ever a spot in Grand Rapids to try a bit of an "out there" concept, this would be it. I'm not saying it has to be crazy, but an interesting tasting menu, or just look to the trends in Chicago, NY, San Francisco, and try something we've never had in GR before. And it better not be a Tapas place...
  15. I'm pretty sure he was one of the people who commented, but I believe it was a woman who read the official list of demands.
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