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Reidville Town Center


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This has been an interesting topic to watch play out, and I wish I knew more than has been reported in the paper.  Not sure if everyone saw a more recent story about some of the bad blood that has been developing between supporters of the Reidville Town Center and those who want to keep the elementary school more like it is - I think they are calling themselves the "Friends of Reidville" - and want to involve Bob Jones in supporting a private school on the site.  

While I don't live in Reidville and don't really have a dog in that hunt, I think the folks of Reidville would be better off with the Reidville Town Center proposal, carefully executed and developed, with thoughtful planning.  The property comes back on the tax rolls and could finance better public services for that rapidly-growing area.  Keeping it off the tax rolls and in the hands of a non-profit really doesn't help there.  There may well be long-time residents who aren't thrilled about it, but all the people of Reidville do need to think long-term about what kind of community they want to have in 15 or 20 years...  and I think you can have careful growth and change without necessarily sacrificing your small town way of life.  

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Groundbreaking for this project was today.  I'm so glad this is happening.  Reidville will finally be a true town with an actual business district.

It is a $15 million project on 12 acres behind the old Reidville Elementary.  Part of the elementary school will be converted to a new Town Hall, and may have a public library branch.  The rest of the school will be demolished.  Site grading and placement of utilities will begin by next spring, and by the end of next summer, the streets should be in place. The entire project is scheduled for completion by spring 2021.  Plans call for retail shops, restaurants, a park with walking paths, and amphitheater with a stage.  (below is a site plan)


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Reidville is growing indeed.  South Carolina Department of Transportation, Spartanburg County, and the Town of Reidville should expedite plans to widen Reidville Road to four lanes from South Carolina Highway 290 to the Greenville County line.  (South Bennett's Bridge Road would be widened to four lanes from the Greenville County line to Woodruff Road.)

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It's just a matter of time before everyone wants 6 lane roads and is complaining about traffic like it's becoming Charlotte or Atlanta. Without proper planning and investments, that's the future.


That said, I think this is a good project for Reidville. I hope that it is successful in creating a sense of place for that town.

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Looks like this project is FINALLY about to begin.  The remains of the old Reidville Elementary will be demolished, and the extension of Main Street through the property is expected to be completed by Christmas.  There's 100,000-120,000 SF of retail, restaurant, and 2nd-floor apartment space planned.  It's estimated to be a $18-20 million project.  Parts of the town center could be open by next summer.


The Main Street extension will run from bottom-center of the photo, straight up to connect with that huge residential development in the distance.  Can't wait for Reidville to finally get a "real" downtown.

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21 hours ago, Santi said:

Any  available renderings for this one yet?

Here's their original website, but it hasn't been updated in 4 years.  Still gives a decent idea.  And here's another site plan from a while back (before they decided to fully demo the old school):


Pretty simple concept, but it will bring a nice, walkable commercial heart to a rapidly growing area.

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