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The Tern


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The City is continuing to work with Equity Development Corporation (EDC) Homes on the development of Pleasant Avenue and 21st Bay. The project is currently called “The Tern” and will include a mixture of townhomes and small amount of retail including a possible restaurant. EDC is working with the city on a design that fits within the Coastal Character District expectations and will begin negotiations once all build-out costs are finalized.


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I've always liked that design (they're all over VB and Chesapeake), but they just don't give me a beachfront vibe, even with the pastels. I'm holding out hope that the stretch near where Greenie's once stood becomes a cluster of high-rises. OV needs more (non-sketchy) hotels.

ETA: Okay, it's 21st Bay, so closer to East Beach, near a bunch of already existing housing developments. That actually doesn't bother me.

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