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  1. Maybe…eventually but we’re a little over 5 years into what was described as a 35 year build out when it was approved. For now, Dollar Tree is still investing in that distribution center…it’s not going anywhere anytime soon. And the Greenbrier Area Plan is moot when it comes to Summit Pointe anyways. They already have their PUD approved so it likely won’t factor into any land use decisions.
  2. HRVA

    1500 Monticello Ave

    The other restaurants were approved before the current version of the comp plan. It’s not that Cane’s is being singled out, but because the current comp plan calls for this corridor to transition away from auto centric uses. If Cane’s had come at the same time as Chick-Fil-A and Cookout (13 years ago) it wouldn’t have faced the same scrutiny - comp plan was approved the following year in 2012.
  3. Lol, just an aspirational conceptual rendering for the comprehensive plan. The Greenbrier Area Plan is still in the drafting stage and has not been adopted by City Council.
  4. HRVA

    1500 Monticello Ave

    I listened to the hearing. The developer all but confirmed one of the other restaurants will be First Watch and an upscale burger restaurant so this is effectively pre-leased. They estimated $750k a year in meals taxes. They considered having Cane’s front Monticello but it would require dine-in customers to cross two drive-thru lanes to get to the building from the parking lot and that’s the reason for the rezoning request (exceeding 10 foot max setback). Of course they noted that it’s been ten years since the current zoning was approved, it’s been marketed to other apartment developers and no dice. Big emphasis on the neighbors to the east being undesirable (cemetery) and being a long-term/permanent obstacle for that kind of development. Planning recommended denial but really their hands are tied to the comp plan. While everything along there is auto related, the precedent is not in favor of a drive-thru as the comp plan that calls for transitioning uses was approved AFTER Chick-Fil-A and Cookout were approved. City Council’s hands aren’t tied to the comp plan and, for better or worse, I think they’ll approve it. As babs essentially said, you have a development that is a go, with tenants identified, vs a speculative development that the market is not moving to deliver. I don’t like it, and I wish they could at least get rid of Cane’s in favor of a similar sit down concept like the other two. But the close to $1 million a year vs ~$30k the city gets now from the site is going to carry a lot of weight.
  5. HRVA

    1500 Monticello Ave

    If you really want to see the buzz, check out the reviews. They’re not good. The menu is bland chicken strips (that’s it) with their take on the ketchup/mayo sauce …woo. If you’re college aged or younger, you’ll love it but if you’ve developed a palate, you’ll be disappointed.
  6. Just widening it. Most of the warehouses out there now didn’t exist 5 years ago and there’s in excess of 10 million SF in the pipeline around downtown Suffolk.
  7. There will be 4 tunnels with 2 lanes each. The two existing tunnels will carry westbound traffic with one carrying general traffic and the other express lanes. The new tunnels will carry eastbound traffic. The express lanes are free to 2+ HOV with a flex transponder. The first new tunnel recently completed boring and the tunnel boring machine, Mary, is in the months long process turning around for the second tunnel. Completion is ~2027 and that is already two years behind schedule from original 2025 completion.
  8. Make sure you take 64 into Norfolk to experience our most substantial project, the Hampton Roads Bridge Tunnel expansion. Atlantic Park at the Oceanfront is vertical. 19th & Pacific. Westminster Canterbury’s new tower is probably the tallest building under construction. Ocean Shore & Starfish Rd. St Paul’s Quadrant redevelopment is well underway. Fenchurch St in Downtown Norfolk. No active construction at Summit Pointe but it is the area’s newest mixed use development in Chesapeake along Volvo Pkwy. Amazon is building a robotics facility on Dam Neck Rd in Virginia Beach with a delivery station across the street.
  9. HRVA

    1500 Monticello Ave

    Raising Cane’s and two speculative restaurants. Only Canes will have a drive thru.
  10. Hampton is considering changes to the Coliseum Central overlay district that would allow 150 foot building heights and eliminate minimum dwelling sizes, maximum densities, and parking minimums. Coverage from the Virginian Pilot: https://www.pilotonline.com/2024/05/07/hampton-considers-relaxing-some-zoning-requirements-for-developments-in-coliseum-central/
  11. Reasonable given the wider economic environment. Everything is taking longer currently and it’s not getting better anytime soon. 2 to 2.5 years is normal now.
  12. I think it was premature for the mayor to include it in the SOTC. I’m all for transparency but it gave the impression to most that this was happening. Until there’s a name and money behind it, the proposal is no more likely than the conceptual renderings in the comprehensive plan.
  13. Interesting project at the Aquarium, a 125-foot observation tower with a slide that will reportedly be the nation’s longest stainless steel slide. Opening this summer. https://myadventurepark.com/location/virginia-beach-va/owl-creek-landing/
  14. East Coast Demo is making quick progress at Pembroke. From their social media page: The glare makes it somewhat hard to see but this is facing north with Target in the background. The remaining structure with the skylight was the center of the mall.
  15. Lidl purchased the site last August but they can be pretty slow to develop. After their initial launch in the US, they’ve really slowed their pace. There’s quite a few sites they had purchased and later abandoned plans but those were all acquired years prior to this one. Hopefully they’ve figured their strategy out and that’s not the case here but time will tell.
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