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The RailYard SouthEnd


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5 minutes ago, Matthew.Brendan said:

Definitely one of the better looking projects.

30,000 SF of retail” Awesome!

“(divided into 4 restaurant spaces)” Groan. 

Yeah but to be fair, this space is best suited for restaurants, not a Banana Republic. Not enough retail concentration here, it'll all be at Atherton and Design Center

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23 minutes ago, J-Rob said:

The article mentioned no tenants have signed, but didn't someone in the south end thread mention they do have an anchor tenant?  When might we find out about that?

Same time you'd usually find out. When the ink is dry. Or if somebody is comfortable leaking, which none of us are. :-)

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On 11/15/2017 at 10:28 AM, J-Rob said:

I totally get that there have been a few incidents, but it seems like we used to get a little more insider/advance information on UP.  I kind of miss that stuff.  It was exciting and created crazy speculation that was fun to read.  Off topic, but wasn't there a Fortune 500 that was going to move to SouthEnd at some point?  Haven't heard anything about that in a while.  Anyways, to you guys protecting the innocent, thanks for whatever information you are able to share.  UP is usually my 5 minutes mental escape at work.

haha, I don't think quite as many industry people used to follow urban planet. There was always a couple but these days Crescent, Lincoln Harris, Beacon, Trinity, LS3P, Little, Axiom, JLL, CBRE, CO, CA and etc all at least browse UP.  I'll probably get flack just for posting this honestly LOL.

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^^^^ In terms of who this tenant we think might be lets use some process of elimination.  Not probably any of the big banks and that includes US Bank they would need more space than this building.  Not Duke planning their own tower.  As someone noted in discussion of Bank of America and what space they are vacating,  they (BofA) are at the same time pushing tenants out of BofA Corporate Center for their own use.  2 law firms are moving out of BACC to 300 South Tryon.   Remember an anchor tenant in a 300K sq ft building like this could be just 30-60K sq ft.  At 60K space that would be a tenant taking 20% of the space.   

This along with Dimensional Funding buildings are really going to ignite the South End office market.  Close to uptown, cheaper parking, cheaper office rates but just a short walk or train hop away.   But what I do know! 

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On 11/15/2017 at 6:30 PM, KJHburg said:

....This along with Dimensional Funding buildings are really going to ignite the South End office market.  

I agree.  They're both amazing projects, and I hope that they spur more residential projects and ones that are nicer than the generic stuff they've been building.  

I'd also like to see more retail and maybe an arts cinema.

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