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Austin & Austin Metro Projects Compilation


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From today.  These pictures show all of the cranes being used to build the residential high rises going up in the Seaholm and Green Water area.  Three to four more tower cranes will be going up soon in support of the buildings already under construction in this area.  It's hard to imagine that five more towers are planned for this same area.



d3WVl9H.jpgMore excellent photos from SSP.  These are by Kevein From Texas:  http://forum.skyscraperpage.com/showpost.php?p=6544305&postcount=75

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Travis County has been planning to be build a new court house on the site of this parking lot for a couple years now.  It looks like it's starting to move forward with the hiring of St. Louis based HOK for architectural services.  The site has no height limitations and the county commissioners have been wanting to do joint public/private venture.  One commissioner said the building could be as high as 70 stories.  It probably won't end up being that tall, but based on other articles it will be somewhere between 17 and 70 stories depending on whether the project ends up being just the county court house or a public/private joint venture mixed use project.


Here's the story from the Austin Business Journal:  







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Three tower cranes have gone up here in the last two days.  Trammell Crow seems to be moving forward with their other towers, so four to six more tower cranes will be in this one shot.  But the two on the Bowie will be down by then.  You win some, you lose some.  There are also more cranes just outside of this shot, but they can't all be captured in a single phot.



Photo by me.

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Here's an example of Austin's sprawl. This is in the Hill Country which starts on the west side of Austin. Groundbreaking for the hotel (on the left) is next week. The office building might be under construction already, but I don't know for sure. At least much of Austin's sprawl is within the city limits, so the tax base can be captured.



Here you go Hill Country. From Rogers O' Briens website it appears the project had broken ground on March 24, 2014. :)


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Here are some renderings of the office tower proposed for Trammell Crow's Green Water project.  It's not as tall as it looked in previous renderings.  But it is a nice looking building none the less at 29 stories and 388'.  And of course it has ground floor retail like virtually all of Austin's new buildings per city ordinance.  This will be on the extension of 2nd St. which is the heart of the developing "2nd St. Retail and Entertainment district".











Here's a map of the site plan for the four Green Water buildings.  This tower will be on Block 23 across 2nd St. from the U/C Green Water Residential Tower #1 on Block 1.




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I posted this info in the proposed projects thread, but I'll add it here just to keep this thread up to date as well.


Here's an updated list of the Downtown projects that are either under construction or have dirt moving:





Here's an updated list of the proposed Downtown projects:  



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This has become a hot local news story in recent days.  The demand for downtown housing has become so great that rents are skyrocketing, and even with all of the new construction the pent up demand is expected to last for years.  The city is looking into "Micro Apartments" to increase density and lower rents.  This article in the Austin Business Journal highlights a proposal by the city to encourage taller "point" towers that will allow for smaller floor plans and more housing units than traditional high rises.



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