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Austin & Austin Metro Projects Compilation


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Here is a list of the tallest buildings that I’m aware of currently under construction in Austin.  I did not include some residential buildings that are tall enough to make the list that seem to be completed and may only need some interior finishes.




The Bowie (423’ – 37-stories, Residential)







JW Marriott (408’ – 34-stories, Hotel)

Webcam:  http://oxblue.com/open/tournee/jwmarriottaustin






Colorado Tower (397’ – 29-stories, Office)

You can see this one from the JW Marriott webcam link posted above.  It's the construction site in the left-center part of the view. 





Seaholm Power Plant Re-Development Tower (314’ – 28-stories, Residential)





Austin Skyhouse (264’ – 23-Stories, Residential)

Webcam:  http://oxblue.com/open/SkyHouseApartments





7Rio (263’ – 24-stories, Residential)





Gables Park Plaza II (223’ – 18-stories, Residential)





Westin (214’ – 17-stories, Hotel)






The Catherine (209’ – 19-stories, Residential)





Hotel Van Zandt (197’ – 16-stories, Hotel)





IBC Bank Plaza (186’ – 13-stories, Office)


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Here’s a list of proposed projects for Austin.  Keeping up with the proposed buildings is more difficult than the ones under construction since there are so many of them.  I have only included the ones that were announced recently and/or have recent renderings and/or building permit activity on file with the City of Austin.  Austin has a good website where permit filings can be researched rather easily.


Waller Center – Three Buildings

~800’ – 65-stories, Residential, Hotel

~500’ – 45-stories, Residential

~300’ – 20-stories, Office

This was announced in May and has at least one major equity investor on board which will help move this along.  Also, there have been several demolition permit requests filed recently for six abandoned/underused properties in the southeast part of this development.  The southeast portion is where the 65-story tower would be.fqnBs0M.jpg



The Fairmont

700’ – Spire, 581’ - Roof, 47-stories, Hotel

This is scheduled to start in November.  There have been several recent permit filings for this project related to the excavation of the underground parking levels.






5th & Brazos

504’ – 47-stories, Residential, Hotel

The developer, Chicago based Magellan Development Group, announced on 08/23/13 that they plan to start construction in the second half of 2014, and the actual height will be anywhere between 35 and 50 stories.  So the design may change.






Green Water

413’ – 38-stories, Residential

This is the first of four high rises planned for the site.  The site plan has been filed with the city with construction expected to start in early 2014.  At least two of the other buildings planned for this site will be of the same scope.  I didn't include them because there are no recent renderings.





Hotel Zaza

305’ – 24-stories, Residential, Hotel

This one should be starting soon as it appears to be largely done with Austin’s approval process.






5th & Colorado

~225', 16-stories, Office





University of Texas School of Engineering

~160', 8-stories, Education





Austin is going through an incredible building boom right now, and there are many projects in the pipeline.  I'll add more as I have time.   It's a good time to be a skyscraper nerd in Austin!

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Since I was only able to edit and update my original post for one week, I'll have to continuously post replies to update the projects list. :(  Anyway, here's an updated rendering of Waller Center which seems to now be called Waller Creek Center:  


The rendering can be found here:  




This is an engineering company that specializes in the permitting process and designing utility infrastructure. This project has had steady forward progress since it was announced.

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Here'a an update to the Seaholm Power Plant Re-Development.  The project has been converted to condos from apartments and will be called Seaholm Residences.  It will also be 30-stories instead of 28.  The new rendering shows the Trader Joe's that is part of the development.  Whole Foods' headquarters and flagship store is only four blocks or so from this project, so residents have a couple of good and convenient choices for groceries.  They have started pouring the caissons now in the huge pit that was dug for the underground parking. 



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Here's a link to the City of Austin's Emerging Projects poster.  The city updates this every few months (roughly every quarter), and it lists downtown projects under construction and planned.  It also shows their location on a map:



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Here are some of the latest renderings for the three towers of the Waller Creek project.  They're significantly different and the height of the tallest tower has been reduced.  But the developers have started filing for construction permits this week, so this is still moving forward.  This project will be next to the 39-story apartment tower pictured in the previous post and more or less across the street from the 47-story, 1,000+ rooms Fairmont Hotel.  This will be a nice cluster of five high rises.







Photo credit goes to the Downtown Austin Blog:  http://downtownaustinblog.org/2013/09/16/plans-evolve-for-rainey-streets-waller-center/

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This office project has been in the works for a while.  It's called Shoal Creek Walk and has long been rumored to be space for Whole Foods headquarters expansion.  The building in the background of the rendering is Whole Foods Headquarters.  Whole Foods had to lease space in an office building outside of Downtown last year because they need more space.  When this building is finished they are expected to move back downtown.



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All of the condos in the under construction Seaholm Residences were quickly reserved, and the tower crane just went up this week!  This a good sign that the condo market is back.  The other residential high rises just completed or under construction in Austin are all rentals.

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Here's another proposed downtown residential tower.  Plans were filed with the city late last year for the 22-story building to be called Aspen Heights.  There was a nice virtual flyover video of the project on Vimeo, but it is no longer available.  Someone at SSP took some some screen shots from the video:  






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Plans were filed this month for a high rise hotel in the 6th Street/Red River Entertainment District.  This is on Red River directly across the street from the Stubb's BBQ music venue on Red River:


Here's an article about it:  



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Here's an updated rendering of the first of several towers on the former Green Water Treatment site being developed by Trammell Crow.  The biggest change appears to be the color scheme.  The latest projected start date is the second quarter of this year.  




Here's a flyover of the site from the Austin Trammell Crow website.  The rendering of this building is on the right.  Adjacent to it are renderings of a future ~300 foot hotel and ~500 foot office tower.  There is also a similar sized residential tower planned as part of the Trammell Crow development.  Adjacent to the Trammell Crow development is the former City of Austin Energy Control center where another developer is planning two towers.  Both of these sites are next to the Seaholm development site mentioned in a previous post.  So this area of downtown is going to have a nice cluster of high rises.  



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Here's a new rendering of the Fairmont Hotel (A new tallest for Austin with the spire height) making the rounds at SSP and SSC.  The last public statement from the developer is that site prep would begin in January.  Well January is almost over, and the site is still being used for parking.  But one hopeful sign is that utility crews have been doing some work and a little digging along the north and east sides of the site since mid-January.  The tower crane permit was requested in October and that is usually good sign that a project is a go.




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Here's an update on the Red River Street Hotel.  It has been approved by the Austin Planning Commission and demolition of an ugly parking garage on the site should begin in two weeks.  It's a double branded hotel - Hotel Indigo and Holiday Inn Express.  Here's a link and a (much) larger rendering:  




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Here's an update to the Trinity Tower residential building (now called 99 Trinity).  The site plan was filed with the city of Austin in December.  It will be 38-stories and 467' and will have two ground floor restaurants.  Virtually all of Austin's new high rises have ground floor retail and good street interaction per city ordinance. Some demolition on the site has already been completed.


Site Plan:  https://www.austintexas.gov/devreview/b_showpublicpermitfolderdetails.jsp?FolderRSN=11066037

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Here are some more views of the the Waller Creek project courtesy of the Downtown Austin Blog.  For scale, the tallest building will be about 50-stories per the site plan submitted with the City of Austin.  It has some nice interaction with Waller Creek.  (Waller Creek is being turned into a River Walk through Downtown Austin.)  The last time I went by the site was in December and the current buildings onsite there were empty and being readied for demolition. 






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There are two more downtown high rise hotel projects working their way through the City of Austin's permit process.  There are no renderings of either project that I'm aware of yet.  But based on the lot size, one is a 15-20 story Hilton Homewood Suites.  The other one is a yet to be named hotel brand with 450 rooms on a very small lot on Congress Ave. not far from the just topped out JW Marriott.  That one looks to be 35-40 stories based on room count and lot size. The one on Congress may have trouble getting approved because they need a variance to get around the setback requirements for buildings on Congress.  (The setback supposedly makes for a better view of the State Capitol building when viewed from the street.)    


Here's a Congress Ave. Hotel project that didn't get approved in ~2012 because it lacked the proper setbacks from Congress Ave.



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Here's another rendering of the Westin Hotel under construction from Lodging Magazine.  The tower crane has been up for several weeks, but there are what seems like about five levels of underground parking.  So it'll be a while before this gets verticle:




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