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  1. The Independent update https://www.facebook.com/independentaustin/?fref=ts
  2. Glad they finally started on the Travis County Office Building.
  3. Well done ATX! Diggin the past and current ACL Fest photos.
  4. Will have to try out that new Boiler Nine Bar & Grill. Also it shouldn't be to long before the tower cranes are erected at 500 W. 2nd St. which will be in April.
  5. That sucks, but atleast like you said other jobs are created.
  6. That's great news. The Freescale buyout could create more jobs for the area.
  7. I visioning 6th st. with 2 lanes and wider sidewalks. This needs to be our "2nd st."
  8. Excellent rundown The ATX! Really excited for The Independent to break ground this year. I'm also quite certain sales will go rather quickly like it did with Seaholm Tower.
  9. A scary situation indeed. Hoping we get a good rain storm here pretty soon. I would hate to see Austin and San Antonio struggle with water resources that are in dire need for every city.
  10. I just realized that they had already took off the construction elevator on the JW Marriott recently. The glass should be completed here in the next few months or so.
  11. Thanks for all the updates Hill Country.
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