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Orlando International now fourth largest airport


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Seabury Airline Planning Group has named Orlando International Airport the fourth largest in the country for domestic origin and destination travel, behind only Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Chicago.

Origin and destination travelers are passengers who are visiting the area and not just making connecting flights, according to the Reston, Va.-headquartered aviation consulting group.


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yea, and vegas has the strip to thank for it's success. Doesn't make the numbers any less meaningful.

btw, "second in the world" is where it is rated for customer service, behind Hong Kong. A subjective topic no doubt, but Disney would have no bearing on the quality of the airport's customer service.

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who cares....Orlando International is #2 in the world!!!...hehe


I thought the article said fourth largest in the country in terms of domestic origin and destination travel. It's second in the world for customer service. Behind Hong Kong. Either way, kudos.

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