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  1. Isn't Kirkland's going out of business like Bombay did?
  2. Vice versa. K-Mart was bankrupt. They staved it off for a while with heavy store closures and Sears bought what was left.
  3. The net job loss won't affect LR much as the Caterpillar plant and windmill jobs will offset it but we haven't been hit by big economy-related layoffs yet. This one hurt.
  4. Agreed, boy would that be a mess. Lots of malls are getting pretty frequent vacancies, even ones that are more successful. The freestanding Sears in LR would be an easy conversion, maybe to a Target. Sears really screwed up by buying KMart. It's a dying company and it may drag Sears down with it.
  5. I eat at the one on Financial Centre all the time and the service is good there. I love the hot pepper relish. That's not a great location for fast food, people from the Heights or Hillcrest are going to go someplace closer (and frankly Burge's, Boulevard Bread, Cheers, and Satellite Cafe all make better sammiches.) Alltel losses won't affect Riverdale much. That area wasn't much different way before Alltel got so big. Plus, that's some of the best office space in the city and when/if they give up a building or two in that complex it will get jumped on really fast. Close to downtown but with convenient parking is a tough thing to find. The big losses will come out in Chenal and to a lesser degree Maumelle, where the impact is probably already occurring. A lot of people are staying and redirecting careers but a lot of people are going to leave and it's not hard for something like this to increase inventory enough to drop prices. I sure wouldn't be building a $400,000+ home out west right now.
  6. I totally agree. I don't know feasible it would be to leave the UA system at this point, though. I can't really think of a precedent.
  7. Makes sense. There should be a lot of pedestrian traffic there on game days and there isn't really another old commercial street in Argenta to renovate.
  8. Just for retail. Otherwise we are weathering it surprisingly well. Actually, I am kind of proud of the fact they are filling up all of these centers against all odds. Shackleford Crossing and Promenade are picking up steam now.
  9. If Dillard's files bankruptcy it will reorganize out of it and keep its stores open, it has assets it can sell off, starting with CDI. Macy's (Federated Dept Stores) is in poor financial shape right now as well and won't be buying any stores anytime soon.
  10. The restaurant Ya Yas is opening in mid to late January. It sounds like a nice addition and I'll definitely try it. www.yiayias.com
  11. The week of Christmas parking and traffic through the areas around the mall was a nightmare, which is an excellent sign for the mall. I have to say I still love the remodel, it looks virtually new inside and out. I just wish Dillard's would follow up with a remodel of their stores.
  12. It's all about the right development. Oh, and have you been to Jackson? I wouldn't agree with that at all. Hell, everyone I know from Jackson that visits here thinks LR is the coolest place on earth.
  13. Well, that's a good thing. LR has really bucked the trend of what's going on nationally. I just hope that losses at Dillard's and Alltel don't offset it.
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