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Richmond International Airport


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DON'T read the newspaper.....

Well, I saw this one coming. AirTran to end its service to Philidelphia...But the good news is that it is still adding one more flight to Atlanta and is still going to expand flights to Orlando, FL and Fort Meyers, FL. I just don't think there was much of a market for folks to fly to Phili. New York needs to be a destination...hopefully, AirTran is trying to work on that.

AirTran Article

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Touting one-way fares as low as $59, JetBlue Airways Corp. announced today that it will start Richmond-New York City service in March, along with nonstop flights to Boston for as low as $69.

JetBlue included Richmond as one of two cities -- Austin, Texas, was the other one -- that will benefit from a fleet expansion using new 100-seat Embraer 190 aircraft.

The low-fare carrier will fly from Richmond to its New York hub, John F. Kennedy International Airport, and to Boston's Logan International.

It will have four flights a day between Richmond and New York, and two a day to Boston.

Gov. Mark R. Warner, who started recruiting the airline to Richmond more than two years ago, said the entrance of JetBlue into the Richmond market "means air travel will become more affordable for both business and vacation travelers."

New York City is the top destination for Richmond-based travelers, and is served by US Airways, Delta and Continental.

JetBlue's debut also means Virginia's capital airport will be able to boast two low-fare carriers. AirTran Airways started service from Richmond to Atlanta and Philadelphia in late June.

Jet Blue to start Richmond Service

This is huge news....I know Eric will be happy and maybe burt too!!!

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from the Governor's Office (who was instrumental in making this happen)

JetBlue Richmond Service

JFK service to Richmond will have regular fares ranging between $59 and $134 each way; Boston service to Richmond will have regular fares between $69 and $144 each way.

New York (JFK) to Richmond, VA (RIC)

8:15am - 9:40am (eff. 3/31/06) Daily

12:30pm - 1:55pm (eff. 3/31/06) Daily

5:15pm - 6:40pm (eff. 3/31/06) Daily

9:20pm - 10:45pm (eff. 3/31/06) Ex. Sat.

Richmond to New York

6:25am - 7:45am (eff. 4/1/06) Ex. Sun.

10:10am - 11:30am (eff. 3/31/06) Daily

2:25pm - 3:45pm (eff. 3/31/06) Daily

7:10pm - 8:30pm (eff. 3/31/06) Daily

Boston (BOS) to Richmond, VA (RIC)

11:00am - 12:45pm (eff. 4/6/06) Daily

5:55pm - 7:40pm (eff. 4/6/06) Daily

Richmond to Boston

8:00am - 9:40am (eff. 4/7/06) Daily

1:15pm - 2:55pm (eff. 4/6/06) Daily

Information provided by Governor Warner's Office 10/11/05

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Whew and the presses keep rolling!!! What a great day...

Despite a growing anxiety among air travelers across the country due to rising-fuel costs and bankruptcy declarations, the climate for Richmond flyers has never been better.

Today JetBlue Airways announced that it would begin offering nonstop service from Richmond International Airport to New York's John F. Kennedy International Airport and Boston's Logan International Airport in the spring of 2006......

.....the "strong business connection" between Richmond and New York was one of the motivating factors behind JetBlue's decision to locate in River City.

"I would cite specifically Phillip Morris and Wachovia and the growth they're having," he said. "Both companies have relocated a number of people from the region.".....

.....On Tuesday, Gov. Mark R. Warner, said that JetBlue's future service in Richmond means "air travel will become much more affordable for both business and vacation travelers."

Warner said his administration had been working with JetBlue to bring the airline to Richmond for the past two years.

Congressman Eric Cantor, (R-Va.) applauded JetBlue's announcement and said he would "continue to work with local and airport officials to bring more carriers and more competition to RIC."

JetBlue is also expected to be a shot in the arm for existing businesses in the region. "New York is the top travel destination for Richmond flyers," said Jim Dunn, president of the Greater Richmond Chamber of Commerce. "And [JetBlue]will enhance the region's competitive position when courting both new businesses and convention and travel market."

Blue Traveler

Perhaps we can draw some more companies out of NYC??? Or at least have expanded operations in our region. I think announcements like these cause ripple effects that help grow the entire local economy...I can't wait!

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JETBLUE: Another boost for Richmond travelers

"JetBlue's decision culminates several years of recruiting by the airport's president and chief executive officer, Jon Mathiasen, as well as the Chamber of Commerce and Greater Richmond Partnership.

Gov. Mark R. Warner also made an effort to land one of the airline industry's rare success stories.

Warner issued a statement saying his administration "has worked closely" with JetBlue's CEO, David Neeleman, to bring the airline to Richmond.

"This expansion means air travel will become much more affordable for both business and vacation travelers," Warner said.

Neeleman said in a 2004 interview that he would like to bring JetBlue to Richmond before Warner leaves office in early 2006. He was cautious in making predictions, though, because of the industry's turmoil.

"I can't guarantee it," Neeleman said at the time.

With a late March startup, he'll almost hit the mark."

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International Flights to Richmond to coincide with Jamestown 2007???

UK group explores flights to Virginia

Norfolk is also a contender. Richmond's terminal expansion should be finished near then, so maybe it could accomodate the envisioned international flights?? :thumbsup:

Thanks for pointing this article out Vdogg!!

Richmond makes sense for this. I didn't realize there was only a three-mile difference between the two competing cities (Norfolk and Richmond) to Williamsburg/Jamestown. Richmond wins when you consider HR traffic, the tunnel, and the driving time from each airport. Though, I have to say, if N/N/Wmsburg Airport had longer runways, it would be the logical choice because most of the Brits will be concentrating on the Peninsula area rather than Ric/Charlottesville. But of course, if RIC is selected, it could provide the historic Plantation route betweeen RIC and Jamestown/Wmsburg as an alternative to speedy I-64.

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I'm tellin you...he's defending us against impending ICBM attack. I think Richmond would be the best option as well.... we took the scenic route to Jamestown when my dad's friend was over from Wales. He LOVED it.

Watched a late documentary on National Geo last night about an air disaster on a flight across the Irish Sea from England to Northern Ireland and one of the few survivors was named Garreth Jones!!

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I'm tellin you...he's defending us against impending ICBM attack. I think Richmond would be the best option as well.... we took the scenic route to Jamestown when my dad's friend was over from Wales. He LOVED it.

How is Richmond the best option when last time i checked Jamestown is in HR!!!! But I guess the governor will push for Richmond as usual. Same B.S. as usual in this state

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Good lord Rus!!! why don't you quit your day job and picket in front of the governor's mansion... I'll give you directions.

Richmond is a good option because traffic is better, and it has a whole swath of historically significant attractions. Jefferson's beautiful state capitol, a "temple on the hill", the dozens of MAJOR civil war attractions, the site of Patrick Henry's "Liberty or Death" speech, the Citie of Henricus -- circa 1611, the site of the world's first declaration of Religious Freedom, etc etc etc etc. Visitors are a short drive from the Williamsburg and Jamestown attractions, with much less traffic than coming the other direction. They have the opportunity for endless day trips to Washington D.C., Williamsburg, the Beach and Norfolk, Charlottesville and Jefferson's Monticello, and the beautiful mountains of Virginia.

It's not a bad option and you know it.

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I don't have a day job so i can run up there a picket and come back to work since i work at night. I don't believe its the best option and there are tons of historical attractions here as well. But like i said the state will push for the business at Richmond International. I will leave you guys alone now

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haha silly Irish adding an extra R to such a Welsh name :lol:

That was me who put the extra "r" in there - the guy's name was not printed on the screen, he just announced that Gareth Jones was his name, and it took me aback for a moment or two! LOL

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