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Richmond International Airport


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I think we're making more of this than there really is to it.... jumpin the gun a little bit IMO


I hope so, but if it becomes an article in the RTD, I begin becoming afraid. I hope that this is really nothing, but we cannot fail with this. The ramifications for failing to keep AirTran here is catastrophic! It's something we really need to keep our eye on. I'd much rather be talking about the new airline about to land in Richmond and not talking about the airline that just might leave agian.

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that's true burt... and also, that JetBlue story wasn't THAT bad. I mean, do to the crazy increase in fuel prices this year, is it really that unexpected? Companies, in all kinds of sectors are saying high fuel costs are hurting their $$$ intake. Even if Chip isn't, I'll remain hopeful about JetBlue coming to Richmond...

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Looks like there will be an article or two in the newspaper tomorrow about the airport and other stories that relate (maybe one on the "new" US Airways that may bring Richmond direct, non-stop flights to the west!)...according to this article:


As far as other things...

I thought that JetBlue, despite the fact that the front landing gear malfunctioned, got good publicity regarding the safety of the arline because of the landing gear incident. I watched that event unfold live on TV and had my fingers crossed the whole time! I was so glad to see that JetBlue was not going to suffer due to this unfortunate event. It could have been a lot worse, but the pilot was awesome and can fly my airplane any day!!!

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According to our friend Chip Jones at RTD, August passenger loads were up 25.1%. He said that the actual figures will be posted later on flyrichmond.com, but privately, he told me that the number is 269,359.

Airport officials are hoping for routes to Vegas and other western destination via the new combined America West/USAir, though so far, they're only wishing.

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It's referring to August 2004. RIC isn't growing THAT much...although it would very nice!

That's what I figured but I wasn't sure. 25% from last year is still an amazing improvement. Hope we see this trend continue though I'm not sure if we'll break any records again until the next big travel period. I guess that's either Thanksgiving or Christmas?

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