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  1. I think that the AppleTV contract has a role to play in this. I would tune in during the inaugural season but since the move to Apple the second season I have no clue how the team is doing. I will not subscribe to Apple just for MLS when I can pay less for Peacock and get the Premier League.
  2. Stopped by the new overlook this afternoon, very impressive. It is much larger than I imagined (plenty of benches and picnic tables) plus there is now a great view of 18R. The view of the terminal is somewhat obstructed but will improve when the new center runway is graded. At 2pm it felt about 10 degrees hotter on the playground area ground covering so hydrate the kiddos.
  3. Do not get seats under the owners box......
  4. Doesn't sound like they are going to be "Hot and Now"
  5. Reminds of the planned Signature Tower in Nashville about 15-20 years ago. No chance of it happening.
  6. Imagine how big of a parking deck Lincoln Harris could build on a 55-acre site...
  7. Spirit also has 2 daily to MCO. Agree about JetBlue, they seem to trim a little more every year. I thought they were supposed to start flying the A220 to CLT last year, obviously that didn't last long if it ever happened.
  8. They are replacing the practice fields with a mockup of a luxury suite so Temper can practice throwing drinks on fans.
  9. The Miller Group in Salt Lake City has released renderings of their proposed 100-acre development which includes a ballpark for a potential expansion team. https://www.deseret.com/utah/2024/2/15/24073517/baseball-expansion-salt-lake-city-mlb-larry-miller-company-project-west-side
  10. Ehhh I doubt the SEC wants them, they have North Florida covered with the Gators. Just waiting for the day that FSU joins the PAC2.
  11. Bingo, from all I have read Salt Lake City is not a dark horse but a legit front runner. Add the fact that their market doesn't really interfere with any other teams broadcast territory which would make it much easier to bring them in.
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