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  1. Such a phenomenal opportunity for redevelopment and much-needed improvement to that area in general. Hopefully, the deal will close and it's someone who has major redevelopment in mind and the money to actually get it done and not just sit on it for another 10 years.
  2. I spoke to the branch manager at East side BofA and here's the scoop. The DT branch is being shut down because the owner of the property has "other plans" for it. Hope to see large-scale development. It's a HUGE lot. The DT Merrill Lynch office (owned by BofA) is being relocated to the E. BofA property and hence the building expansion to make room for Merrill.
  3. Live right down the street from this and well... THIS SUCKS. The indiscriminate destruction of green/forest land to build these developments is awful, to say the least. Plus, traffic will be a disaster on Zion Hill. I can deal with townhomes, I guess, but Apartments? Really? Ugh.
  4. Milltown Coffee Co. soft opens this Wednesday 11/7. This week it will be open Wednesday and Thursday from 7am to 2pm. Located in the newly renovated "W Square" shopping plaza. 2601 E. Main Street Suite 1 Spartanburg.
  5. So I've wondered about this for a while, and maybe someone here can provide some insight.... What the heck was the purpose of the pilons in the pond?
  6. Broadway Series would be absolutely awesome!!!!
  7. We're shooting for a July opening, but that's still pretty fluid. We'll have more firm dates soon.
  8. Great addition to Downtown. Cocobowlz is a great "healthy" (sort-of), alternative to Ice Cream. Glad to see them come to the Burg.
  9. Milltown Coffee Co. Coming soon to Webber Square (2601 E. Main Street, Ste 1). Gourmet, Locally Roasted Coffee. Gourmet Loose Leaf Teas, Awesome Drink Concoctions, Beer & Wine and Nosh! Indoor and private outdoor patio! Early Spring Opening is anticipated. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100090852912469
  10. A narrow Church street would be fantastic!
  11. Been watching the transformation of the former God's Favor restaurant... and now we know.... Zen Ramen Sushi Burrito. They have an Anderson and Greenville Location. Checked out the menu. Looks good. Lot's of Ramen and Poke options including Burritos and Bowls. A Ramen Poke place on the East Side is A-OK in my book!
  12. Bed, Bath & BE-Gone. Sorry couldn't resist.
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