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  1. Did Spencer die?? I have been away for a while. When did this happen?
  2. we have to have one of the most inept city councils on the planet...my god
  3. go to water street tampa and st pete instead. Orlando hasn't built $hit this year
  4. So the ARB gushes over the architecture of the new SED plan after gutting the original plan and making it look as generic as possible? Simply amazing how there was absolutely no push back. Orlando will always be a $hit town as long as we have these hacks in office. Tell me they are not either stupid, blind or in bed with BB architects.
  5. i thing they managed to do the impossible with this new color scheme. Which is to make our tallest building look short and fat. The crown disappears into the cloudy sky on most days and actually makes the building appear shorter. Only in this town... Should have been darker to stand out imo.
  6. I actually dont mind the waverly's color palette because like you said the art deco lends itself to a more fun color palette. This on the other hand IMO looks dated and out of place.
  7. That "mural" is probably one of the worst attempts at street art / mural i have ever seen. teal? is it 1988 again?
  8. NOLA has an impressive skyline? I would argue that Nashville has a more impressive skyline than NOLA from what i remember but I have been there in 20 years . LOL i would say the dolphin expressway and the McCarthur Causway have a much closer vantage point for DT Miami
  9. ohhhh we get a giant chess set!!!! that makes it all the worthwhile!!! Now that is creative and groundbreaking...
  10. could someone with access to the OBJ post the latest article?
  11. i agree, its the first "creative" thing in the village
  12. Agreed! 100% But if you were visiting from out of town. What do you do DT? Where do you go? What is there to see exactly. Honest questions
  13. I would agree with every one of those statements! Smart man!
  14. With all due respect, have you walked around DTO lately? The CBD is a ghost town, CV is a ghost town and south eola is meh ok And now we can only expect 4 more years of this because Buddy cakewalked into it again with zero opposing candidates.
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