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Uptown Outdoor Ice Rink


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From the WBT website:::

WBT Holiday on Ice

News Talk 1110 WBT announced this morning that we will start construction on Charlotte's first ever-outdoor ice rink. Construction will begin at The Green, Uptown on the College Street side of the park.

WBT Holiday on Ice will give families a place to spend time together this year from November 24 through New Years weekend. Thousands of residents in the metro area will be participating.

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And from the CCCP website:::

Outdoor ice skating is coming to the Center City for the holidays. Starting November 24 until New Year's Eve, you can skate on a rink set up at The Green. The rink is a gift to the city from 1110 WBT, along with a list of sponsors.

Construction on the ice rink began Monday morning, November 15. It costs $5.00 to skate...skate rental is $3.00. WBT Holiday on Ice will give families a place to spend time together.

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Sounds cool. I was talking with my girlfriend recently about going ice skating, but Eastland Mall didn't sound very appealing to us. Now if only I knew how to skate...............  :rolleyes:


now you'll have no excuse not to go :D


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Yeah, no joke.

I went on Thanksgiving and had to wait 20 or so minutes for skates in my size and then the rink was SO small all we could do was awkwardly inch forward in a big mass of people going in a slow circle. <_<

However, I do appreciate the effort to have something different and family oriented like that uptown. For all its tackyness, it was still fun. :D

I imagine it would be a lot better with smaller crowds.

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Oh, so THAT is what you're talking about since the begining of this post (me and my lack of english...At the begning I even though the subject was about some sort of ice cream shop, or something like that)?

Well, it's a very nice addition to the Green and Charlotte, in my opinion...Hope one day I'll return during winter (I would really like to see Charlotte in Winter, never saw it before....).

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If you really want to go ice skating, the rink at Eastland is much larger and better equipped to handle it.  A permanent outdoor rink in DT Charlotte means a duck pond during the summer.  LOL

So would the more permanent rinks in Chicago and NYC. Gets hot in Chicago during the summer believe it or not! And quite frankly...who wants to go to Eastland? Maybe if they allowed weapons so that you'd have some self defense...

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