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Trader Joe's Coming to Winston-Salem


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MONROVIA, Calif. – Trader Joe's has signed a lease to open a new location in Winston-Salem that could open this year, the grocery chain announced today.

The new store will be located at 252 S. Stratford Road – inside the Thruway Center - and will be about 13,000 square feet.

This announcement marks the seventh Trader Joe’s to open in North Carolina, according to a news release. Other locations throughout the state include: Cary, Chapel Hill, Raleigh and three in Charlotte.


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Just read the headline. It looks like Trader Joe's is opening in Greensboro and WInston-Salem. Plans have not changed for the Greensboro location. However, the WInston-Salem store would end up opening up first because its using existing space. The Greensboro store would be a new building. Trader Joe's strategy is to open up stores near Whole Food Markets.The question is will the NIMBYs in Greensboro force Trader Joe's to abandon plans for a store in Greensboro? Will they look for an existing space in another part of the city or will the developer for Trader Joe's win the fight and build next to Friendly? The neighborhood fighting Trader Joe's say the deeds to the land in question (currently residential) have covenants which prevent commercial development. However some have said those covenants may have expired decades ago. On top of that developments in the neighborhood have already violated covenants if they have not expired. People on other blogs and websites pointed out that if this goes to court, a judge would not enforce covenants if there is already a pattern of them being violated. That would be the case here because there is an office building and townhomes in the neighborhood. The covenants say single family homes only. What ever happens with Friendly I believe Trader Joe's will still open in Greensboro. Managers at the Chapel Hill store said they have been looking at Greensboro for a few years now.


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The Triad can certainly support two. Its not an expensive grocery store by any means. The Triangle already has three and Charlotte has three. But it would have been nice if Trader Joe's opened in downtown WInston-Salem and downtown Greensboro. The store would draw people from miles away into downtown. For years Harris Teeter, Food Lion, Lowes and the Fresh Market had a monopoly in the Triad, particularly Food Lion and Harris Teeter.

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