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What do you like most about Baton Rouge?


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I live in Atlanta now, but I am returning to town tonight for Christmas with the family and friends. I'm looking forward to it! I thought I'd start this thread- not that I'm homesick or anything (we enjoy Atlanta)....

The best thing about Baton Rouge.....is the people of south Louisiana drawn to town by the state government, businesses, and LSU. New Orleans and Baton Rouge really are a diamond in the rough. Most of the rest of the south doesn't enjoy a distinctive culture that south Louisiana has. Almost every "hole in the wall" restaurant has a live band, and serves amazing food and drink options.

It's also cool that Baton Rouge is diversifying it's economy. It's come so far far from the 1980s refinery town that it used to be. The major universities in town, the economic growth, research opportunities, motion picture/film, medical, technology, and engineering fields are all attracting a diverse group of people from all over the region. Baton Rouge is clearly becoming Louisiana's version of Houston. There are so many things to enjoy here that most of the locals don't even take advantage of or are aware of. Recreational and entertainment venues in this town are incredibly under-rated...just how I like it.

Downtown is another thing worth mentioning. So many cities have a "dead" downtown that seem almost impossible to improve. Downtown Baton Rouge has come incredibly far in the last 15 years. I love the "small town" feel and the relatively small scale of downtown and I hope to preserve that (I know so many of you want giant skyscrapers....but I don't). Do you guys realize that other cities send their leaders to Baton Rouge to serve as an example of how to properly redevelop a downtown? That's pretty awesome.

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Oh this is an easy question. :D I like that Baton Rouge is supposedly a city with nothing to do and nothing to see, that makes little "discoveries" so much more special. And I know it may not seem all to spectacular but I love landscape, specifically the way the sun lights up the scenery in the summer

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I love how people from around the country underestimate our city and state. I love how the city is trying to improve and puts it far up on the agenda. I love our culture and accents, our sports, and traditions. I like when it snows, and parishes with snow completely shut down.

Merry Christmas yall.

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The geographical location of BR in the Deep South; Climate; Culture; Food; Waterways; Greenery; Parks; Sports City all come to mind....

So true Cajun...BR going in right direction diversifying the economy....Downtown has come a long way; but has a ways to go. 2 or 3 new high-rises that tower above the tree-line wouldn't hurt...the 5-11 story mid-rises are always welcome too!

Merry Christmas to yall!

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