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VB Pier Resort and Spa


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I haven't seen this discussed yet.

I searched for it and found this after watching the taped VB city council meeting about the Convention Center headquarters hotel. During the citizens comments, one man that spoke was a partner or developer (something like that ) of the VB Pier Resort. He said that he was not for or against a public-private partnership for the hotel but commented on the good market conditions for new construction in cost and low interest rates, mentioning also that he and his team is moving here from Richmond for, what sounded like, the duration of his projects here and how VB has a good think going in market attractiveness.

So, what I found was a 20 story 3 tower complex, 500+ keys resort with spa on (they say) 14 st. and a rebuilt concrete 15th street pier with maintain the Ocean Eddies restaurant location. Weather or not it will be Ocean Eddies, I don't know. It looks like they are just getting their website up. There is minimal stuff but some renderings and basic info on the project.

...and it looks like NO public money, BTW.



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That looks like a great development! VB needs more true resorts and less plain hotels. The renderings also look very nice!

Is this a real development getting ready for construction or just a pipe dream? I guess it's promising since they have a website?

i couldn't agree more, Va Beach needs more REAL resorts and less bland cookie cutter hotels. They city is definitely moving in the right direction!

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