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The 5.9 Earthquake


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I was at work in a substation. I was in one of the small brick buildings in the station working on prints when suddenly my table started moving. The lights were swaying and I felt my chair shaking up and down. Everyone in the building started looking at each other and I was like "why the hell is the building shaking?" lol. Funny thing is we had a semi-truck in the lot delivering some equipment and I thought they might have hit the building. Went outside and they were all the way on the other side of the lot. Pretty much knew it had to be an earthquake by then.

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I was in class at TCC at the time. 4th floor of the science building, so i felt the swaying quite a bit. As for the Tide, my son was on it (between stops apparently) when it happened. No one on board said a thing and he didn't feel it. I guess the Tide's rocking and swaying was more than an earthquake's. :P

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