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Chattanooga Volkswagen Plant


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The VW plant hired its 1000 employee last week. It is officially half way to its projected 2000 employees. Anonymous sources also state that VW is seriously looking at producing a second vehicle there. If a second line is started production employee and facility size would double. A midsize hybrid or Audi vehicle are likely candidates for additional production.

No word on the future engine plant location.

I figured it was time to create a Chattanooga VW thread instead of posting everything in "Could VW be in Chattanooga's future"

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VW is seeking Platinum LEED Certification for the plant and is working with the city to tap the old Summit Landfill for methane gas. City council is expected to approve this agreement in the next meeting. It is projected to give the city $70 000 a year in revenue.

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VW to invest $900 mln in Tennessee plant to build mid-sized SUV




This AWESOME news for the Chattanooga area and for the Tennessee economy as a whole.


I think the Chattanooga ligt rail plan we learned about a couple of months back will get a serious look as the line is planned to start downtown and go out to the Enterprise South area where Volkswagen, Amazon, and other automotive suppliers are located. There has got to be some kind of mass transit going to this area, as there has been articles recently describing traffic and parking issues at this business park. I don't think planners initially planned for close to 5,000 workers working in this business park.






CARTA eyes new Enterprise South line: Bus route called parking solution for thousands of workers

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Volkswagen to invest $800 million, build new electric vehicle in U.S.



DETROIT (Reuters) - Volkswagen AG (VOWG_p.DE) said on Monday it is investing $800 million to build a new electric vehicle at its plant in Chattanooga, Tennessee, as it shifts toward zero emission vehicles. 

The German automaker, in an announcement at the Detroit Auto Show, said it is adding 1,000 new jobs and that electric vehicle production in Tennessee will begin in 2022.



huge news for Chattanooga area


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