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Favorite Building in Hampton Roads


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I normally do not make this type of thread, but with all the issues with stalled and canceled development, we need to appreciate what we have. So post what is your favorite building architecturally.

For me it is a tie:

Architecturally I like the Arnold B. McKinnon Building (Norfolk Southern) except the parking garage. The reflective lime green windows are definetely unique, and it definitely bucks the trend of a massive box:


The other is the Westin Hotel and Conference Center. It dares to rise against the suburbia of Virginia Beach and reach to the sky with a modern spire (Which I like) It also has a great mix of colors which definitely bucks the trend around the area:


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I dig the USIS Building (Darth Vader building in downtown Norfolk), and the AT&T building (the front side, not big on the back part.)

Back in the day the AT&T building looked different. It was "de-horned" (microwave antennas removed) some time ago. Fiber optics rule now.

Of course there are others that are awesome.

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For years it was Dominion Tower, but I think the Dominion Enterprises building is now my favorite. The thing is, IMO, this area really lacks a building with a true signature design. No curves or angles to really speak of, except for the Norfolk Southern tower. Just four walls and a pointed roof. 


Really hope the architects get out of that habit over the next few years.

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