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The marriage of old and new: Greensboro's oldest skyscraper, the Jefferson Standard building on the right half joined with the Jefferson Pilot building, on the left.


Both buildings are great! I love the design of the Jefferson Pilot. For a newer building, I'm glad they bypassed the glass box style and put something more retro (and a hell of a lot more beautiful.)

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Ha! It is scary isn't it?

It was an old Paul McCartney doll that my aunt had when she was younger. She had cut it's hair and done some other things to it. It was given to me a few years ago and I decided to sell it on ebay. One of the pictures I took of it looked so freaky that I decided to use it as an avatar and add the little wink for extra freakishness. :D

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I deleted a few posts from this thread where the pics were no longer showing (I left hkskyline's above because it appears his host is having problems, hopefully they'll come back on).

If I deleted your post, feel free to repost it with an active hotlink to the photo.

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