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Dan's Trip to Seattle


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Over the last few days, I've been on a trip to Seattle and I made sure to take lots of pictures to show all of ya'll. :D I just want to go ahead an apologize in advance for the qualit of some of the pics, I got a new camera-phone which unfortunately doesn't take very good in dim conditions.

First off, I just want to say Seattle has a great downtown. They actually have a lot of people walking around downtown with, lots of condos and towers. The amount of stores they have downtown is incredible, two department stores(Macy's and Nordstroms) as well as every other store you would expect to find in a mall.

One thing about Seattle was that it didn't really have that much "interstate appeal". Maybe it was because it was cloudy and rainy everyday, or because a lot of the foliage was dead, but from the interstate Seattle seemed really bleek, old, and industrial.

Here are some pictures. I took at the Dallas airport. From the terminal you can see Dallas/Fort Worth's many skylines.



Here's some pictures I took so ya'll could get a feel of the landscape. It was very steep, with lost of dips and curves. The sky like I said was cloudy everyday except for my first and last day there, when the sun peeked out a little bit.



One thing that does add to the interstate appeal is that there really isn't any lead up to the skyline, it's pretty much just turn a corner and BAM!!! :w00t: there it is.



I'll post more tomorrow. :D

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ooh! I don't know why I have this thing for Seattle. I've never been there before, but something tells me I would like it there. I'm thinking about moving there, I need to visit first of course. Thanks for sharing.

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I love Seattle. I wanted to move there because its progressive and there are plenty of coffee shops and books stores :silly: . I love the way the interstate runs right through downtown. I wish Baton Rouge's interstate was surrounded by midrise to highrise building because it definitely adds to the urban appeal.

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Thanks for sharing the pics Dan :thumbsup: Cool you got to go up to Seattle!!

With the dense urban core; nice street grid; not to mention probably a Top 10 US Skyline...I could see why most here on UP would dig Seattle! Coffee shops & book stores are a nice mix too!!

I love the StreetWise Seattle Map I recently got; with 3-D inset map of downtown! Just looks like a cool place to visit!!

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It's a nice town.

Clean, though this time of year it's still a bit grey and gloomy. I lived for a short time in that region....if it were not for the weather, I'd have never left. It's seriously difficult for someone from Louisiana/Texas to adjust to their winters- not even that cold, just gloomy.

I wish Baton Rouge were that clean. Hell, I wish Baton Rouge were as clean as Dallas.

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There were literally at least 10 Starbucks downtown, one or two ever street, literally.

Also, I did notice Seattle had A LOT of bookstores. And not just national chains but local ones too. I saw Border's and Barnes & Noble ,plus atleast three local bookstores, including that big one that was on the Rachel Ray's travel channel show. :P I went in there and the floor really does creek. :lol:

Here's were I stayed. :D The reason I was going there was becasue my mom was goign there for a national convention so I just tagged along and this was the hotel my mom work booked. While it was very well interiorly designed , had nice meeting spaces, and had great views, it didn't have anything else. All the shops and eateries that lined the perimeter were closed down except Ruth Chris and Starbuck. I left feeling like I could have had a better stay at a Best Western, at least, they have free breakfast and Wi-Fi.


The Grand Hyatt is the new one to the left.


Here were the views from my room.




This Barnes & Noble was across the street.


They have a renovated Kress building too!


Look, we beat Seattle to getting an At&t store first!


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