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Orlando Architecture


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In order to keep other threads from getting off-topic (i.e. the Events Center thread where the recent discussion has been about Tulsa's BOK Center), I'm starting this new topic where people can direct all conversation about architecture in Orlando. Feel free to compare buildings or proposals in Orlando to those in other cities, add pictures of random buildings, present little known facts, etc.

I'll start with something:

Did you know that the firm that designed Orlando's City Hall is also responsible for the renovation/restoration of the interior of San Francisco's City Hall?

San Francisco






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Good call, Bic. Always good to a fellow Panther lead the discussion.

Anyway, The reason that buildings are built that way anymore is because many of them were influenced by the Chicago Exposition and the Pan-American Exposition (predecessors to the world's fair) in the early 20th C. America was in it's Empire building phase and was constructing buildings specifically to rival the palaces and cathedrals of Europe to show that it had arrived. Exactly as the Middle Eastern and Asian countries are doing with their hyper towers. Orlando's Civic Architecture constructed since the 1990's isn't bad.

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that's fascinating. I didn't realize it was the result of a movement of sorts; too bad Orlando was a speck on the map back then; SF was already a juggernaut. Even the LA City Hall is awesome-- the "Dragnet" building;

NYC has a nice big one; Chicago's I think is part Cook/part City and just takes up the entire city block near the Daley Center; the "Blues Bros." building;

Louisville has a USPS building that is awesome looking-- never expected to see that in Louisville. it resembles the Orange Co. History Center, but multiplied by a factor of 5 or greater.

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Love It! That's hilarious. :rofl:

On a more serious note, I find it interesting that like Orlando, Las Vegas as America's western playground playground chose a building that more adequately reflects its full time residents.

Conspicuously missing are any neon lights, led displays, or water shows. It's very respectful of the era in which Las Vegas first gained its notoriety. A refined, perhaps invented version of how Las Vegas would like the world to it.

Orlando went with subdued as well reminiscent of the great performance halls of the Washington and New York.

Well done.

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This is a better pic of the Las Vegas PAC



It is actually the centerpice of a 61 acres Union Park project...deeming a new downtown for Las Vegas. Include in the project is a high profile medical centre designed by Frank Gehry vegas01650.jpg and also a 60 story tower.

Coincidently, we are supposed to have 60 acres clean slate land available after the new arena is built....

and this if University of Florida...I forgot the name of the tower and I am a Gator.. someone remind me....


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Knowels Memorial Chapel Rollins College

1930 Ralph Adams Cram

Said to be one of his favorite buildings he ever designed. Frequently visited it. Cram also designed Princeton, Saint John the Divine NYC, Saint Thomas NYC.... and many other famous buildings in the US.





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