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Siegen Market Place


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That place is hell to get in, out, or even just around it. Its the main reason why seigen lane's traffic is so bad.

I don't understand why they don't continue the service road from bluebonnet outward alongside the marketplace, to let incoming traffic in and out. They don't have much roads out that way, i guess it would run into highland or something.

Anyway it would be worth it.

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I drove by it last night and the front reminds me of a staples but in the back they don't have a truck loading zone which all staples stores have. A shoe store would make sense based on the size of the building.. I do agree though, that place could use a facelift and it would be nice if they redid the frontage roads to highland like they have between siegen and bluebonnet.... The whole area is starting to go downhill. I'm moving out of my apartment in the area because of it.

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I was sorry to see Tinsel Town close. I guess the nearby Rave at the Mall of La. and Cinemark at Perkins Rowe was too much competition.

The 3-story Tuscany Villa condo's nearly completed are a nice addition in the back.

Those crazy configurations in & out of Siegen MarketPlace have to be one of the Top 5 Worst in BR. But that is an impressive bridge over the R.R. tracks and Ward's Creek on Siegen. The ramp was a good idea too.

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I agree that extending the service road would be HUGE for Siegen Marketplace. I also think they should extend either South Mall Drive or North Mall Drive to Pecue Lane. This will help a lot when the Pecue/I10 interchange is done.

I don't see the point in extending the service road all the way to the Highland exit just yet, but it could definitely go to Pecue. I'm sure if the service road was there, the old Tinseltown wouldn't still be on the market. Some offices would do nicely there.

Another good idea would be to connect the development to Perkins. I think this could be done via Orleans Drive, but Tuscany Villas might be in the way.

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