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mixed-use retail/restaurant project planned for downtown Greensboro


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It looks like a new development is planned for downtown Greensboro diagonally across from Center-City Park. The project appears to be a mixed-use residential/retail/restaurant development. A couple options include mid/high-rise.



some cooling rendering videos (3 different options) One includes a very tall 6-story building.






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Cool project! One of the biggest strengths of downtown Greensboro is that it has good pedestrian scale buildings that are interesting and make for a nice streetscape, this project should no doubt enhance that quality of downtown Greensboro.
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I like all three options shown, but I'd love to see 2 or 3 actually happen. If this happens it could be quite a boon for Davie St. which remains mostly parking lots on both sides, with the N&R superblock urban design disaster being about half of those.

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While I dislike the fact that the spot they're building on is one of the few spots on Davie St. where there are any storefronts, this is still a huge improvement for the location. It would be much worse if it was replacing some historical/architecturally significant structures.

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I, too, tend to favor density over height. Midrises have more potential to be pedestrian-friendly than highrises, and they usually are.

This development is a wonderful opportunity for downtown Greensboro and again, shows how parks can serve as catalysts for downtown investment and revitalization.

As for the options, I'm leaning more towards 3 because it appears as though it takes up the entire block and there is no surface parking (they didn't show two sides to the overall project, so I'm not 100% sure about that, but that's what it looks like). Also, the side street frontage at least looks a little engaging and isn't a monolithic brick wall for the majority of its length as in the other proposals. The 6-story building appears to have some hybrid architecture going on, with the bottom half being a bit more contemporary and the top half coming across as neo-traditional. I'm a little wary about that, but I think it could be pulled off.

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