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205/215 E. Central


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We should have another thread for this topic

but yea, the backers of this project are pushing hard to make it come alive

hence the dramatic height change of this structure to appease the naysayers

its seems they will do whatever it takes to give this project legs, to which I applaud

however, I would like to see a sister project of this building in another location to fully realize the original vision(do the original project plan elsewhere)....one can dream

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whats more important, a little 1000 sq ft house or a giant cool looking building that brings in lots of tax money for the city and creates jobs, and keeps the orlando economy going, bringing more places to eat, shop and a nice place for people to stay in our beautiful city when they come to visit for work or to see their families. I believe that this project will make our city better in many ways.

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This thing has been before the MPB what? Twice now? I don't understand how something as basic as a historic structure being on the lot could've not come up.

At any rate, I also like the house and hesitated at having it torn down or moved. Keep it where it is, build an annex to it, and turn the whole thing into a museum and I'd have no complaints. Now that would be an ideal use of the space bordering the park. It's not like we don't have a plethora of empty lots downtown for further development if the demand is there.

Bleh, I'm undecided on how I feel about this project...

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For some reason I feel like there are some shady movements being made behind the scenes regarding the approval of this project. When news first broke of this project, there was some buzz about Tradition Towers residents losing their views of Lake Eola-- no biggie, condos lose views to new developments all of the time (just not so much in Orlando...yet). The first time 205 E Central went before the MPB, recommendations were made to scale it down because its original design was deemed too imposing for Lake Eola-- an unfortunate yet reasonable mandate. Eager to please the MPB, the developers swiftly eliminate the residential units and redesign the structure so that it meets the MPB staff's recommendations. Now there's talk about this project being canceled because the little villa next to the real estate office on Central that nobody has ever mentioned before is suddenly historic? Hmm...seems like the brains behind such a big project would know that the land that they're trying to build on contains protected historic structures before wasting time and money on multiple proposals.

The University Club is comprised of some of the most influential people in Orlando and is the driving force behind Tradition Towers, which is slated to go up on one of the desirable parcels of land in Downtown Orlando. Now a rival condominium is proposed to go up on an even better lot across the street, threatens to steal customers and views from Tradition Towers, and suddenly goes from a 39 story proposal to one nearly half of that size, and now won't be built at all because a house on the lot is historic. If the house was historic from the get-go, why didn't the MPB deny the 205 E Central developers from the start instead of suggesting a redesign with certain constraints? I'm by no means a conspiracy theorist but this all smells fishy to me...

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