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Bury All Powerlines


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The City of Greenville recently announced their plans to begin burying power lines throughout the City, focusing 80% on commercial corridors first, and 20% lines that go from poles to houses. The commercial corridors would be mile stretches on Augusta Rd (from Church Street to Augusta Place), Haywood Rd (from Pelham Road to Haywood Crossing Road), and Pleasantburg Dr (from I-385 to Tower Drive, and Antrim Drive to LeGrand Blvd).

Following that announcement, apparently people called the plan 'weak' and questioned the City's desire to actually prevent expansive power outages. Now, the City is looking into selling bonds to expand their initiative and bury lines faster throughout the City. :thumbsup:

Here's The Greenville News article on this issue: Greenville to explore burying power lines

The quality of life will be greatly increased if this happens.

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I live in the West End area and have seen alot of "cables" looking like they are coming out of the ground. Orange, Blue and Gray Pipes or cables sticking up in alot of places. I'm not sure if this is part of this effort or if there just putting in a new street light...

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