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New Orleans | Photo of the Day


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We've got a Louisiana Photo of the day thread, a Baton Rouge Photo of the Day thread, and a Shreveport-Bossier Photo of the Day thread, but no New Orleans Photo of the Day! :huh:

I never made one, because of the fact that nearly all of the photos I post in the Louisiana Photo of the Day thread are from New Orleans. But as I was going through my photos today, I realized just how many New Orleans photos I had that had never been posted.

So here we go, the first New Orleans Photo of the Day! :D

I'll post one of my personal favorites, and probably the "fan favorite" as well:


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This was a great move Nate. Long overdue. New Orleans surely deserves it's on photo of the day. The urban scenes seem endless.

Nice pics BTW. St.Louis Cathedral gets good air time on FOX Saints home games; and I like Entergy Tower. A powerful looking building.

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Here's an interesting view from the Plaza around the Superdome. On the left is obviously the Superdome, on the far right is the New Orleans Arena, towards the middle is Plaza Tower, and left of that you can see the peaks of the Crescent City Conncetion, way off in the distance.


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I love buildings like this. :wub:

I think it's really cool as well, Dan. When you see the tower from that angle, it looks like it's razor-thin, literally. But then once you get closer to the building, you see that it's actually a very large and interestingly designed tower.


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The lantern crown of the 85 year old Hibernia Bank Building in New Orleans. At 355 feet, it was the tallest building in the state of Louisiana for 11 years, and the tallest building in New Orleans for 46 years. The lantern crown is very well lit at night, and for decades it served as a navigational light for ships on the Mississippi.


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