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How will Mississippi's 2.7 billion dollar theme park affect eastern Arkansas?


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This was just posted in the MS forum: http://www.urbanplanet.org/forums/index.ph...18005&st=40

Here's a map of Desoto County, MS:


What do you think this means for eastern Arkansas' economy, and especially for gambling in Arkansas. If gambling is ever approved statewide, do you think having such a juggernaut nearby would hurt gambling in Arkansas?

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If Arkansas does ever allow gambling it might be hurt in some way by Mississippi. I would still recommend Arkansas allow gambling but I'm not sure if Arkansas could 'catch up' to Mississippi. They've got a pretty big lead on us. Although I will say this. I think certain sites in Arkansas could be big. I think a place like Hot Springs could really do well with gambling. It has a lot to offer and could sway people to go there instead of Mississippi. It's also got the historical angle of being a sort of 'Las Vegas' before Las Vegas existed too. But at the same time if Arkansas does allow gambling I think they'd do it baby steps and would also probably hinder things for a long time.

On another note I'd also like to point out Oklahoma is also making big moves in their gambling industry as well. They aren't up to Tunica standards yet but I could see them possibly progressing to becoming a bit more like Tunica. Granted they have theirs spread out but one area they are seriously expanding is a casino just across the border in West Siloam Springs.

I hate to go off on the gambling issue again but let's face it, east Arkansas has easy access to Tunica. Southwest Arkansas has pretty easy access to Shreveport and increasing Northwest Arkansas has easy access to West Siloam Springs. It seems only central Arkansas and some of north central Arkansas and some of the Ouchitas don't have very quick access to gambling. Quite a bit of the state can easily jump across the border to gamble. And let's not kid ourselves all the negative aspects that some people point out aren't going to follow state lines and stay outside Arkansas. So we'll end up having the negative aspects to gambling and getting none of the revenue either. Seems like a pretty big lose-lose situation to me.

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I think Arkansas needs to make a loop from mississippi arond west memphis as a continuation of future i69 loop around memphis. Obviously building a new bridge would be costly but i think the feds would support a new "earthquake proof" bridge in the area. Even though it wouldnt guarantee any development it would definetly help the situation in east arkansas.

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