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Connecticut Gas Prices....


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The Citgo station near the old Hartford drive in, the Hess station also near the old Hartford drive in, the Citgo station by Home Depot & Sams Club as well as the Valero at Rt 3 & silas deane highway in wethersfield are always about the same price

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Just an FYI, if anyone happens to be on the Mass Pike, you can get gas in Ludlow, MA for 2.77 as of yesterday.

My last check in downtown Springfield at the Pride Station where I usually get gas was about 2.88.

Thankfully, I can walk to work from my apartment. Gas is a killer.


On the Outer Banks of North Carolina -- I filled up last week for 2.69/gal. It was a small chain of stations called Charter, but my Buick drove with it!


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I saw $2.77 in a few places today. The Merrit Parkway Mobile stations are still at $3.05 a gallon. I guese they cornered the market there.

Then again, everything on the side of the state is more expensive and lower Fairfield county is more expensive than northern fairfield county so that price doesn't surprise me.

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Ive been to CT many times and never filled up my tank there, knowing how high it is over there. Ill drive on empty to the GWB from Yonkers on I-95 just so i can save 30 cents a gallon or more when get back to Fort Lee along US 46.

I don't screw around when I need gas. I rather pay extra, to make sure I don't get stuck.

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