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Arizona Photo of the day


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Ok so I like taking pictures, and I'm hoping with this that other people will like taking pictures too. I want to see pics from all over the state! Here are a few.

Phoenix City Hall


Uptown, Kind of a cool View


I saw this church, it's crumbled in on itself. Stupid me forgot to get the cross streets it's at. Does anyone know what it was or what it's called?


Ok I posted a few pics, what else are out there?

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Cool, a picture topic. Unfortunately I don't really have much to contribute. What I do have is just northern AZ and it's pretty much just stuff like National Parks and such, nothing urban. I wish now I had taken at least a few around Flagstaff when I was there.

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Havasu is awsome. I really need to get out of there, you take those pics colin?

LHC is pretty crappy. Nothing but retirees and strip malls. Although they have an In n' Out there.

It is interesting to see the area, and London Bridge, at least once. Don't go for a few months though. It's traditionally the hottest place in the state during the summer, and the lake/river is consistently about 65 degrees, which is why people rarely swim.

I have no idea about that Downtown spot. I haven't spent much time down there though.

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Well, I should say that I've never been there in the summer (nor do I plan on going), so people may swim. They do have beaches on the north side of town away from the cliffs.

I got curious about record temperatures and looked it up:

Lake Havasu has AZ's highest ever recorded temperature of 128 in 1994. This is #2 in the nation, just behind Death Valley's 134, which is also the highest recorded temperature in the Western Hemisphere.

Low temps aren't as dramatic: -40 at Hawley Lake, which is in the White Mountains. I assumed it would have been in Northern Arizona, but I guess not.

Highs: http://www.usatoday.com/weather/wheat7.htm

Lows: http://www.usatoday.com/weather/wcstates.htm

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so do you have to find a separate hosting site for images to post them on here? pretty obvious question, i know, but i can't find any documentation on it on this site...

Yeah you can upload them to a place like flickr, image shack then post a link to the pic over here. If you need more details just ask. :D Never mind looks like you figured it out while I was posting my response.

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so do you have to find a separate hosting site for images to post them on here? pretty obvious question, i know, but i can't find any documentation on it on this site...

On this particular forum, you do have to host the image elsewhere.

One option is to use Photo Bucket. It's free, but requires a registration. BB Code (used in forums) is created for you automatically once the photo is uploaded.

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here are a few pics from a drive saturday evening on highway 77 to globe. we ended up in phoenix, somehow, after dark.

this one's somewhere between oro valley and oracle junction, looking at the backside of the santa catalinas to the south:



this is a little farther along, somewhere south of dudleyville...it may have been near mammoth. the view is to the north:



a little farther, on the same road. lots of banding in the rock near here. very pretty area:



and finally, a nice sunset even farther north (but nice sunsets in AZ are a dime a dozen):



if these are too big for larger screen resolutions (600 x 800, etc.) just lmk and i'll resize.

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