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Gateway Computers to open mfg facility in LaVergne


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OK, just an observation on how this was reported by the writer at the Tennessean. I had to look at the payroll figure several times before saying, "Here we go again." It seems there are too many reporters who get flummoxed by the mere mention of numbers.

Has anybody else noticed that a plant with 300 employees and an $8 million payroll means that the average salaries are less than $2700 per year? Do you think this number is a bit low?

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Even by adding the "0" you left off seems a bit low. We'll see. In any event, it's nice to see Gateway making computers in this country again...and nice to see it'll be in Davidson County.

Isn't it going to Rutherford County? I'd wondered how Nashville let this slip by, but after reading the article, if they're indeed partnering with Quanta Manufacturing, which is already down there, I guess it makes sense for them to be there..


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The article states very clearly that this plant is going on the Davidson County side. Does part of Lavergne extend into Davidson?

Interesting that the Nashville Business Journal didn't mention that.. sounded like it was all Rutherford..

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EXCELLENT!!! The South's Silicon Valley is right outside our front doors!!!

lol...I'm pretty sure that still goes to the Research Triangle Park in North Carolina...

but it is always great news to hear about hi tech companies and heavy manufacturing moving to our area. :)

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