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"Greenville...is poised to take off"


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Great news for Greenville's future growth! The city should be congratulated for putting things in place for future growth, given some of the challenges listed in an article re: the area's per capita income, from today's Greenville News business section. Very interesting. Sample quote:

"Greenville has a lot of the attributes needed for growth," he said. After Charlotte and Atlanta, "Greenville is in the next tier of urban areas. I think it is poised to take off" as it continues diversifying its economy and adding professional and high-end service jobs.

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Greenville left the runway some years back, it's taking off and climbing.....we may not be to the 35,000 foot cruise altitude yet, but definitely in the air and on our way. Look all the 100's of accomplishments over the past few years. When I first visited here, I saw Greenville was on the runway getting ready to take off and ran after it saying hey....let me on the plane!!!! I'm on the Greenville plane now and loving the flight!!!!!! :D There's Knox up there as the pilot and many local business leaders serving as excellent flight attendants, making the trip most enjoyable! :D

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Nice analogy :P

In my opinion (for what it's worth), Greenville IS in the best spot it has ever been in. I think there are several developments that are going to have temendous impacts on the area betwen now and 2020.


2. Verdae

3. All the West End changes

4. The developing sports scene (golf, cycling, skating, baseball, etc)

5. The I85 Corridor

In fact, we have already seen huge impacts from these developments. Probably for the first time in it's history, Greenville is in a position to vault itself into the next level. Think about just these five areas, they cover such vast and different aspects. With our textile bonds taken off, we no longer have our proverbial eggs all in one basket. I think about some of the other things I would like to see; a better skyline, larger city population, better developments on the Westside (not to be confused with the West End), better roads, better public transportation and light rail, more national exposure for the area, etc. We have all of these biggies going on right now (more than I can list), and as some of the smaller things start to happen (History museum, Imagination, The Pinnacle, etc) the other stuff (better skyline, etc) will be inevitable. As long as our leaders keep thinking big, there will be nothing to stop Greenville from growing into a major nationally known and admired city. We may very well be on the verge of an unprecedented boom for the city, county, and state.

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