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Duke Power Building Redevelopment


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Amazing. Crescent Resources (the real estate arm of Duke) builds condo towers all over Florida, but has no faith in its hometown. Here comes an Atlanta developer who does and will build on the site of Duke's former main office. Says a lot about Crescent. Hooray for Novare for thinking more of Charlotte than one of the largest companies headquartered here!

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Novare is really going to create an awesome group of anchors if the preferred Third Ward Park site gets approved.

I really hope they keep the core/original 1927 building. It is attractive, and seems like it could be neatly incorporated into a new large project. The expansion wings should be bulldozed, though.

In some ways, this article is stating that the prospects of this site's development are more medium or long term, and not really imminent.

Who knows, though. Hopefully TWELVE will do as well as Avenue, and Novare will move more quickly on the Packard site and the Power site.

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It seems like the Power building may be redeveloped before the Packard building. The Power building is already being vacated (the article said the last one out is the barber) so it will generate no revenue, whereas the Packard building is still being leased.

I recently toured the old Power Building during a "friends and family" farewell to it over at Duke E. The original walnut paneling is still intact throughout the 3rd floor executive suites. Gorgeous stuff. They might still have the photos of the original building under construction on display in the Energy Center lobby. Worth a look. Built 1927 by J.A.Jones - same year and same contractor as Carolina Theatre. Don't think it was designed by CC Hook though. Hope they save/encapsolate both gems.

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