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Baltimore may be getting New Tallest!


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Harbor may get tallest building

$300 million project has hotel, condos, spa

A Philadelphia developer plans to build what would be the tallest tower in Baltimore on one of the last undeveloped parcels along the Inner Harbor, a multimillion-dollar project to include luxury condominiums, a boutique hotel and retailers such as a spa and a gourmet grocer.

Company representatives said yesterday that the developer hopes to close on the 2-acre site, in a prime location between the Hyatt Regency and Harbor Court hotels, within two months and begin construction this summer, with completion by 2009. The site, once home to a McCormick & Co. spice plant, is now a parking lot operated by its owner, Central Parking Corp.

The developer envisions a tall, slim tower, with 200 to 250 luxury condominiums, shops and a hotel that could compete on a national level as destination lodging. Though it has not been determined how tall it would be, the developer expects it to soar higher than any other building downtown, said Jon Laria, an attorney at Ballard, Spahr, who is representing ARC Wheeler. At a projected 1.2 million square feet, the project would dwarf nearby structures.



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Baltimore is fairly bristling with new development everywhere. I'm also impressed with the very high occupancy rates the hotels in Baltimore are able to achieve. After years of slumber, Baltimore is finally realizing its potential. I hope Charm City wont lose its charms along the road to greater prosperity.

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59-story Tower approved for Baltimore


A glass skyscraper soaring 59 stories and 717 feet would become Baltimore's tallest building, with a distinctive, slender shape that would dominate the city's skyline, under a concept approved yesterday by the city's design panel.

I travel that area frequently and i'm gonna love seeing this thing coming in from 95. :)

Sorry if this was already posted but I didn't see it anywhere in the forum. Guy, move this as you see fit.

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This is a very major tower for the D.C.-Balt metro. I honestly thought i'd never see a tower that tall proposed in that area.

What a striking building! The blue-toned glass will add variance to the Baltimore Skyline. I have awesome pix of the Baltimore skyline to share, if I could figure out how! I find the skyline very organized and pleasing to look at. The harbor is full of life daily with the Baltimore Aquarium and outdoor restaurants teaming. I recently went to Baltimore for a mini vacation with my other half.

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Baltimores new tallest first of many skyscrapers planned :thumbsup:

Baltimore's skyline is on the verge of changing more than at any time since the Inner Harbor renewal began in the 1960s. And by far the biggest change is a wave of proposed buildings that would soar above existing structures throughout the central business district and beyond.

Additional parcels downtown could support structures that are even taller. In a very real sense, the sky's the limit.

"I think there could be potential for even taller buildings," said Kirby Fowler, president of the Downtown Partnership of Baltimore.

Nice, it's about freaking time. And being on D.C.'s doorstep this may be just the push that was needed to raise the height limits in some of the other surrounding suburbs.

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That is amazing news! What is so neat about this project is that the developers are building in a part of town that really needs a shot in the arm if you will. In addition the units will be more affordable to the general public costing up to $250k. Thanks for posting and welcome to the forum. :)

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That is great news for Baltimore, such a beautiful harbor scene and yet very few tall skyscrapers there. Nice to see Baltimore step up their skyscraper specs. Isn't the Bacardi guys commercial a flyover of Baltimore's skyline?

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