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Southern City Panorama's


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It is great to see skylines and see cities and all that. But how about all of that in one picture?? Give me the best possible panoramic pictures of your city. Sometimes the skyline and all doesn't tell the whole story, so tell me.

I'll start with Nashville. This pic was actually taken today at lunch (11-17-05). I proposed to my wife at this point on a cold night two years ago.

The view is from the south/southwest above I-65/I-40.


View from the west above I-440.


Same as above, but expanded out more. You can see the airport skyline way off in the distance in the pic if you look hard enough on the right side.


Lets see yours. It can be one you took yourself, or one from the net. Doesn't really matter, just show it and any discussion is welcome too!

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Hope this works... Kind of an unusual vantage point because the Superdome is behind the buildings, and the bridge is out of the picture, but it's the only panoramic I have...

New Orleanspost-5665-1132272237_thumb.jpg

Well, not really what I was shooting for, but you can click on it to enlarge it.


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