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October Photo of the Month


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I'm not sure if it's reverse or not, but those trees being where they are sure do lead one to believe that the angle is reverse, for sure.

The placement of the fountain makes it seem right, though.

Color me perplexed. :blink:

The fountain is what messes me up. :silly:

If the fountain is in front of the Poinsett, then it is north of the Liberty Building. The north side of the liberty building is the left side when looking at the front. You should be seeing the left side, not the right. :blink:

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It is not reversed. The picture was taken sitting behind the fountain in front of Symphony Hall. There are actually trees on that side, but are relatively new. Regards.

Ah! thanks for clearing that up darw10. I thought that was the fountain in front of the Poinsett. I guess I'm easily confused. :shades:

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