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Best Steak In Charlotte

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In your opinion, which restaurant cooks up the best steaks?

I would have to go with Capital Grille. They are the only place in town (I believe) that still dry ages their steaks. Mortons is a kind of a rip-off because they wet age the steaks and actually charge more for a much less expensive process. Ruth's Chris is the same way but they are not in Charlotte yet.

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...but their expansion out of their old brick structure is pink EFIS stucco.

and when you go there, it is when you realize that your hot girlfriend is really obese.

And oddly, while you realize that your hot girlfriend is really obese, you (Jack Black) fail to see that you could never get a girl that looks like you thought she did. The sit com unreality...fat ugly guys with hot girlfriends...with the exception of Bill Diehl...but he has LOTS of money.

You are right, though, their new additon is pretty darn hideous.

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Beef n' Bottle off of South Blvd. This place has been a staple in Charlotte for many decades and continues to win my vote for the most tasty steak. The ironic thing about it all is that the place is a literal dump from the outside so no one would suspect how great the food is on the inside.

Many a banker and politician have graced the table at this fine, but sometimes overlooked establishment.

For chain steaks there is none better than the Capital Grille followed by Sullivan's.


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[ :P

Ironically these have always been the best places to get steak in CLT. Others include

Staleys Steak House Charcoal Room on Wilkenson - sadly it is closed

Cosmo Steak House on Independence - closed also

There is a place on Albemaro Rd close to where Central hits it in an old building that looks like it is going to fall down. Great steak, I don't know if it is still there or not.

Many people swear by the Hertford Barn (sp) near Graham and 85. Its been there for a long time.

The upscale chains have very expensive cuts of meats, but their cooking school cooks lack the ability to these cuts justice.

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