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Michigan Central Station PART VI of VI


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Part VI - You are here, and this is the end.

In the last portion of the tour, we made it to the roof, but before I show the skyline photos, there's a few images of the penthouse rooms.


Elevator penthouse.


So it's predictable of what this is of.


People who have seen my pictures before have asked me if I ever dreamed of falling down one of these. I in fact do, the day after I've explored the building, I always seem to end up falling down an elevator shaft. While most people don't experience the "feeling" of freefall in their dreams, I do because I've experienced it in real life when I bungy jumped from a 200 foot tower in Mexico. Not quite complete freefall, but for most of the trip down it is until there is tension on the cord.


Finally, the D-town skyline.


CBD closeup


Tiger stadium.


New Center


Midtown near Wayne State University.


I can't spell the name of the building in the distance, so forget it.


I like this building, and I heard it's getting renovated.


Driving on 75 past MCS was a weird experience thinking about the thousands who see the building everyday. In my mind, I'm thinking "Wow, I'm going to go in there." Where everyone has to stare at its mystery. It's kind of mind boggling.


Not many trains went by the day I took this.


Windsor, Ontario


Yuck, what is that piece of crap! And where are the windows? Is it some sort of light security prison or something?


Needs more density.


Ambassador Bridge


A church being very overshadowed by it. Poor church.


Boblo dock warehouse. There are no plans for this building. Its future is in question.

That's it for skyline shots. I'll show a few more rooms I missed since I need to live up to my word.


This is one of the waiting rooms near the atrium.


Most of the woodwork has been scavenged.


A better shot of the restaurant.


A 15 second exposure of a room next to the underground parking garage. Note the burned out car to the left. I set my camera on a poorly built tower of bricks. It kept leaning to the right. I should have brought a tripod.


A lit basement room

Well, I hope you all enjoyed the photo tour. Thanks for sticking through the long waits. Although posting these threads is very time consuming and boring, I enjoy sharing these images, which would otherwise sit on my hard drive viewable only by me. I hope to show you some more interesting places in the future!

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Michigan Central Station PART VI of VI, The tour comes to an end.
NNNOOOOOO!!! :silly:

Anyways, nice job with the photos. Those are some nice shots of the skyline.


Elevator penthouse.


So it's predictable of what this is of.

I still find it hard to comprehend that someone would go through so much trouble to make a little graffiti.

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I have two questions, and if for some reason you can't answer them (or maybe you did in one of the other tours and I missed it), thats fine:

1. What kind of camera did you use (I noticed the nice zoom!)?

2. Did you see any people in the building?

And thanks again for the pics....simply magnificent but at the same time its quite sad about what has happened to this wonderful piece of architecture.

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1. What kind of camera.

Two Different cameras were used when I visited the station. The ones with the skyline closeups were done with a brand new Canon S2 1S. The other one was an S30, which is almost over 3 years old. You can notice slight color differences between the two. But I tell you, the S2 1S is quite the technological upgrade for me, since I can finally take indoor pics without using the flash, or standing still. There's also a 12x optical zoom on it also for those closeup shots.

2. Do I see other people inside.

Yes, every time. I've met quite a few people doing the exact thing, taking photos. It's cool to see where people are from, and the fact they came all the way to visit the station. Some are Detroit residents who have always been curioius about the building. It wouldn't be a suprise to go in there sometime, and find up to 20 people walking around the building. It's a very common place to explore. It's kind of funny when you walk into this massive station and hear nothing, and then suddenly a whole bunch of footsteps. It's cool to have other people there, but it has been a problem at times. For many of the pictures above, I had to wait until people got out of the way to take some shots, especially of the ones looking down the hallways. It's also not a great idea to have a lot of people walking up some of the stairways at once, especially the side stairways which are very rusted and broken.

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Yes, but I didn't know about it at the time I last visited the station. Things had changed over the month. Alot of debris was removed, some grafitti was cleaned up, and the floors were swept and scrubbed until they shined. I was like "what the heck?" when I saw all this.

I'm not really sure about this movie though....

My sister actually works in production for a small film company out in LA. Every single production company is linked to a database that lists every movie being written, filmed, or in post production. These movies can either be for the theaters or television. It's extremely rare that a movie being filmed would not be put on this database. It would be stupid for a production company not too because that would mean they would get no funding, no publicity, no staffing, nothing at all! The database offers a flexible search. So even if you didn't know the title, the name, the theme, or the actors, you could still type in something for the film location. My sister typed in Detroit and the last thing registered was the Island, which mentioned Fort Street, and Michigan Central station as the filming locations. She also found another movie being filmed in Detroit done by an independent company that was nothing about basketball, gangs, or anythign close to it. According to the database, nothing is currently being filmed in Palmer Woods or MCS which is where people have seen crews. She did searches for basketball movies, and even entered actors names, but nothing came up. It's almost as if this movie doesn't even exist, yet is being filmed. We do not have very good facts other than a blurb on WDIV which said nothing much but a basic theme of the movie and the locations.

I'm going to be skeptical about what is being filmed in Detroit whether it's some big movie picture, or just something we are going to see on tv.

But who knows, the reliable database could be wrong?

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