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Jeopardy coming to Raleigh


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I was watching ABC 11s 6:00 news for the first time in years last night when the big announcement was made.

Jeapordy's college championship will be filmed at the RBC center and NCSU is the host institution.

I think this is a big boost for our area and will provide some great exposure. What do you think?

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I think its pretty cool. Glad the RBC is getting some use...I'll probably try to attend a taping. I'll be in New Orleans when Wheel of Fortune is being filmed...I might just have to hit up the studio audience of both...now if I could just make it to Price is Right...

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We can have the Rolling Stones come to Wallace Wade stadium, but when Jeopardy heads to Raleigh it's a big deal. *please*

We can have Death Cab for Cutie come to Raleigh, but when the (outdated) Rolling Stones head to (an equally outdated) Wallace Wade Stadium, it's a big deal?? ;)

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