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Underrated places in SC


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I want to know what do you guys think are some underrated places in SC. Personally, being a native of Orangeburg County, I think that Santee is a very underrated place. I think it's an oasis on the otherwise desolate I-95 through SC for one. It offers many recreational opportunities, and can really serve as a local getaway of sorts.

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Santee has real potential I think as the coast becomes more crowded and expensive. It is probably SC's most "developable" community on an inland lake (except perhaps the Columbia end of Lake Murray). Also, nearby Elloree - http://www.elloreesouthcarolina.com - has done an amazing job revitalizing its downtown for a town of under 1,000 in population. It puts many of the state's larger towns and cities to shame.

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I think Manning could do better and take advantage of it's location on I-95. I must give Manning some credit though, they have been building new restaurants and they have two nice big fountains right on the interstate. They also have Lake Marion, which is a really nice Lake.

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I agree totally about Santee. Manning is also nice and has potential. Newberry isn't really underrated, but I do think it could blow up even beyond current expectations. And I don't know if these are actually overrated either, but watch out for Camden, Sumter and Florence.

Also... as Columbia grows, look for a mid-state equivalent of GA's Lake Oconee resort area to spring up -- a somewhat scaled-down equivalent. Possibilties include Santee, Newberry/Prosperity/Chapin, and maybe even Greenwood or Saluda. Anything's possible. :)

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My hometown: Cheraw, SC



St. David's Episcopal Church, c. 1770. Last to be built under the authority of Geroge III


Town Hall, c. 1858. Staircase by Robert Mills


Dizzy Gillespie, native


First Citizens Bank, c. 1805. Largest bank outside of Charleston unitll 1815


Market Hall, c. 1836


Powe House, c. 1790. Sherman's headquarters when he and his 60,000 troops occupied the town in April 1865. Thankfully, the town wasn't torched!

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