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As we moderators were kicking around ideas last week, the concept of "area correspondents" came up.  These would be folks who volunteer to regularly contribute info to the the threads within their areas like:

1) Photos taken of construction sites at least once every 60 days. Smeagolsfree's excellent development map is a tremendous resource to scroll around and see what is planned or actually underway. A "circuit" through any of the areas listed below would entail  a couple dozen sites and could reasonably be done in 1 to 2 hours.   I'll be glad to give some simple training and techniques on how to keep things organized.

2) Report via new posts on any new developments you learn about via public meetings, local press, websites,  and--if you are particularly curious--internet searches for building permits, etc.

At Urban Planet Nashville, we look at the forum as a living chronological document that keeps an ongoing history of development in/around Nashville.  By regularly updating progress on new projects, it will give tremendous context in years to come about who, what how, when, where, and even why structures came to be.  We are providing a service to placemaking history.  By showing this level of care, we have become one of the most popular U.P. sites in the world.

Here are the areas where we could use help via correspondents:

- Antioch/Smyrna

- East Nashville/Madison

- Donelson/Hermitage

- Charlotte Pike/The Nations/Bellevue

- West Trinity Lane/Bordeaux/North Nashville

- Brentwood/Cool Springs/Franklin/Williamson County

-  Murfreesboro/Rutherford County

- Mt. Juliet/Lebanon

- Hendersonville/Gallatin/Sumner County

I generally don't mind regularly keeping up with Downtown, WeHo,  Germantown, North Nashville, Charlotte Ave., Midtown, Green Hills, and 8th/12th corridor myself.  But I am always open to anyone contributing photos and info from these areas at any time.  : )

So...if you are interested, shoot me a personal message and then I can give you some more specifics, and would be glad to show you the ropes.  It can be quite fun.  : )

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