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Jo Jorgensen (Presidential candidate who lives in Greenville): level of support locally

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The Libertarian party this year has a Presidential candidate who lives in Greenville (Jo Jorgensen) and a Vice-Presidential candidate who lives along the coast (Spike Cohen).

I see some, but not much, coverage of these two candidates in local media.  Surely they'd do better locally than elsewhere due to local ties, but (1) are they getting traction locally and (2) if not, why not?

I voted for Gary Johnson and Bill Weld (both Libertarians then) in 2016 and Gary Johnson did better in his home state, New Mexico, than elsewhere.  I did what I could for Bill Weld this year and believe he did better in his Northeastern home states than elsewhere, so despite elections being national, local ties do count for something.

I'll avoid commenting on the Democratic and Republican candidates other than to say that I am not voting for them, but have nothing against some of them.

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