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  1. This will be very welcome, as it will also benefit the Overbrook neighborhood.
  2. Apparently, I am the outlier. I only use 140 gallons per year.
  3. Greenville will be the first stop on Heart's tour.
  4. Any idea what is going into the old Racks and Ribs location? It has been under renovation for several months.
  5. Good luck getting in and out of there.
  6. What is Woodlark in reference to? Woodlark Street is located on the back side of the Arcadia Hills subdivision. I believe they did intersect before I-385 was built, but it was nearly a mile away from here.
  7. I was surprised to see a foot path that parallels Laurel Creek. It has likely been there for decades.
  8. I used the signal yesterday, and it is very nice. The signals facing the trail have bicycle symbols. Of course, I still saw one idiot cyclist disregarding the signals.
  9. I know of at least one other company developing electric aircraft for short flights such as this. I'm not sure if Greenville is a good market, though.
  10. Per a Twitter post by Bike Walk Greenville, the building is owned by City Lights Fellowship.
  11. Had I known we had a Skechers store, I might have shopped there. I rarely go to Magnolia Park, even though my workplace is literally across the street.
  12. Anyone know what is going on with the Shoeless Joe Jackson museum? I know the director left several months ago.
  13. Their new facility opened on the 10th. I stopped by to pick up a prescription, so I only saw the lobby. They obviously put some money into it.
  14. This will be interesting to watch. My house is just out of frame in that photo, so I take Woodlark Street to get to downtown several times a week. I am hoping they don't remove too many trees.
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