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Charleston Trip, 2004


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I took these back over the summer of 2004 when I went up to Charleston. There are a few of Beaufort and Hilton Head tossed in, too.

Hope you like them!

I'll Start With Beaufort and this Old Civil War Fort's Ruins

The Steps That Lead To Nowhere:


A Bridge In That Fort:


And Now On To Hilton Head

Hilton Head Rear Range Lighthouse (Or Whatever it's Called Now) 1:


Hilton Head Rear Range Lighthouse (Or Whatever it's Called Now) 2:


A View From the Top of the Harbortown Lighthouse:


And Now, The Part You've Been Waiting For, Charleston!!!

The Downtown Fountain (With Some Kids Playing in It):


A Shot I Call "Odd From All Angles" in the Aquarium:


Ft. Sumter Pic 1 (Sorry, It's a little off Balance...I tripped as I took the Photo):


That's A Big Gun!!


Looking Out Over to Sullivan's Island:


Morris Island

I love this lighthouse, so I decided to gve it a special section!

Riding Out to the Island (The Tower is in The Background):


The Lighthouse from a Distance:


Looking Up From Its Base:


And, My Personal Favorite:

---By chance, one of the glass panes on the door installed on the lighthouse to keep trespassers out (for safety reasons) had been knocked out, so I peeked my camera in to get a peek at what was inside...This is what I found:


Well, what do you think?

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It is at high tide. You're not supposed to go in it, but it looks like some do anyway.


I didn't go in it, I only stuck my camera in through a broken pane of glass in the door. To go in you need permission. It's too dangerous to go in by yourself, so they locked the door.

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