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Wood High-Rises


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In just a few years, we may begin seeing wood high-rise construction here in Charlotte. The International Code Council has approved changes for their 2021 code cycle that adds wood high rises as an approved construction type, up to 18 stories tall. Here in North Carolina - unless they do a major mid-cycle code addendum - this would likely be adopted into the 2024 North Carolina Building Code. 

Wood high-rises have been pioneered largely in British Columbia. It's going to take the construction industry a little while to fully absorb what this means, but there are potentially major benefits to construction cost, speed, & impact on the carbon footprint.  It's a huge technological change for construction.

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 Thanks Patrick. Article in The Economist last week about just this thing last week which is whereby I found the link posted in Off Topic. Article in Economist explored the factors you mentioned.

On 1/11/2019 at 3:02 PM, tarhoosier said:



Three thumbnails at top of page give idea of structure and appearance. Article link is also at top of page, on left.


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