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Paul McCartney Is Coming To Greenville


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1 hour ago, gman said:

I don’t see how many tickets will be available tomorrow morning. By the way, it looks like there are only two sections open at the lowest price of $29.50. I hate Ticketmaster. It’s a monopoly and they know it. Ridiculous fees. 

I think there will be a good amount of tickets available tomorrow morning. The pre-sales are limited. I am sure there are several thousand being held for box office sales. It wouldn't be fair for the people standing in line tomorrow to let everyone gobble them up online. I agree about ticketmaster. There fees have really sky-rocketed. 

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I went online today to try to get some tix for my daughter. There was a message that to be fair everyone would be given a random place in line to purchase tickets. When 10AM rolled around it said there 2,000 plus people ahead of me. Needless to say I didn't get any tix. My understanding the BSWA did not sell tickets which I don't think I have ever heard of before. Of course PM tickets sold out quickly. Only tickets available on ticketmaster now are resale with inflated prices. You can get a second row floor ticket for only $1,941. :tw_confused: Glad I was able to get mine yesterday and even though they were expensive they seem like a bargain now. 

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