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  1. Maybe this is why Duke's or whatever it is called now has moved out? https://www2.greenvillecounty.org/scjd/PublicIndex/PIImageDisplay.aspx?ctagency=23002&doctype=D&docid=1642600005050-186&HKey=51879910488100811187810565102678610981757443119100727210481535784119497412057791224311611588791198077 https://www2.greenvillecounty.org/scjd/PublicIndex/PIImageDisplay.aspx?ctagency=23002&doctype=D&docid=1685975841580-057&HKey=788079841108552488089576610210779109907278101120677447814882708599791126811211653102804354695169 There is an article in today's print edition of the Charleston P&C about this lawsuit and counter suits, including the CEO Andrew Smart. Sounds like a mess. https://www.postandcourier.com/greenville/business/discoverfresh-foods-duke-sandwich-lawsuit-phantom-employees-greenville/article_f9de2fe6-281b-11ef-ac10-038fc857df6e.html “Alleged 'phantom employees,' missing millions beset Greenville biz once tied to Duke's mayo.”
  2. You are making this forum unreadable. If you hate our great city so much, why don't you move and stop posting? It is so childish and silly.
  3. I consider an accommodation “tax” as more of a fee. I paid that fee for two nights in Blowing Rock last week. It is not the same as taxpayer funds. I am forced to pay taxes. I am not forced to pay an accommodation fee.
  4. I’ll take that bet. Easy money.
  5. Exciting update. It is the perfect height for the park setting. Any taller would have looked awful. Let the trees be the tallest “structure.”
  6. The website still shows their address as 3rd floor 600 Main St. Are you sure Discover moved? I noticed Duke’s brand is not part of their product list.
  7. When people are spending, supply is low and demand is high. But I think there is more to it. Check out the profit numbers of the large corporations, including grocery store companies. They are taking advantage of the American consumer. Thankfully, stores like Target are feeling the pressure and have lowered prices on many items. Bottom line, with the economy is strong, inflation is high. When the economy is weak, inflation is low. In other words, good news is bad and bad news is good when it comes to the economy. Getting to a happy medium is extremely difficult.
  8. Debt has nothing to do with the strength or weakness of the economy. Our country’s economy is tremendous. The problem is, people are spending more than they bring in, and that includes those that make big money. Ask mortgage brokers. They will tell you that a large percentage of mortgage loans are for those that are consolidating debt, includes big credit card balances and huge car payments. The point is, it is not just the lower income folks using credit cards. There are a lot of high income people out there getting into trouble trying to “keep us with the joneses.” As for the national debt, that is all on our sorry politicians (both sides).
  9. Nevertheless, our economy is humming. Thus, higher inflation. If you want lower prices, you need a slow economy. Econ 101.
  10. Yes we are in great shape. We have the best economy in the world, and no one knows about it.
  11. Waiting is the smart thing to do. Otherwise, the developer will risk losing big money.
  12. Right, but when it happens here, I wanted to get ahead of the conversation that management is not good at BSA. You know who would say that.
  13. Interesting article about events being cancelled. https://www.yahoo.com/entertainment/why-major-artists-suddenly-canceling-140500576.html
  14. Where have you been the last few years? News is coming out almost weekly now. That said, the high interest rates are making it difficult for huge developments to make sense. I look for less big projects to be announced for another year or two. Commercial real estate delinquencies are high too. The whole country is being affected by negative commercial real estate issues.
  15. gman

    The Gateway Site

    Old picture. Watch the story on WSPA. https://www.wspa.com/video/city-approves-plans-for-development-at-site-of-former-greenville-memorial-auditorium/9703356/
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